7-Minute Video Meditation to Settle a Restless Mind

Sit with strong emotions

<p>Verywell Mind / Getty Images</p>

Verywell Mind / Getty Images

Getting Started

  • Find a quiet place to sit comfortably upright—at the edge of your bed, on the floor, or in a chair

  • Close your eyes and tune into the breath or another point of focus to be fully present

  • Relax your body—loosen your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and soften your brows

Often, it feels like our minds are racing a mile a minute with all-consuming thoughts. We might stress over completing our quarterly goals at work, planning for an upcoming trip, or finishing up a paper before its deadline, all while trying to balance our own needs and those of our family.

Reframing is one technique we can practice that involves shifting our mindset to view a situation from a slightly different perspective. It can be helpful in these times when the mind has trouble "sitting still" and tends to resort to distorted thinking.

To be clear, reframing isn't about sweeping our feelings under the rug; we want to acknowledge how we feel! But focusing on something else for a bit can help those strong feelings settle so we can come back with more clarity and confidence to work through them. Try out the two reframing tools in this meditation and practice them the next time your mind is working overtime.


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