8 Latine-Inspired & Created Tarot Decks You Need In Your Bruja Collection

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Picture this: You’ve been looking to inject some of your Latine cultural roots into your tarot collection, so you make your way to the nearest bruja shop, overstuffed with crystal clusters, stacks of divination decks, diverse altar offerings, and more spiritual goodies. While that sounds like a witchy dream come true, not all of us have a one-stop spiritual store in our neighborhood — sometimes Amazon Prime is all you’ve got. Luckily, the universe has sent this story your way at just the right time — we’ve navigated the metaphorical aisles of the world wide web to find the eight best Latine tarot decks to add to your espiritista altar, from ones that boast Latine-inspired imagery to decks authored and illustrated by Latine mystics. Whether you’re curious about deity work with folk saint Santa Muerte or you’re just a seasoned reader with a penchant for the work of Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, there’s an insightful deck for you in the options ahead.


The Herbal Astrology Oracle: A 55-Card Deck and Guidebook $26.99 $24.29

The Herbal Astrology Oracle was created by Adriana Ayales, the herbalist behind the modern-day apothecary Anima Mundi. Ayales grew up in Costa Rica with all the remedies she would later be inspired by. If you missed the chance to buy the R29-beloved Anima Mundi Tarot Deck, you get a second chance to have a deck by Ayales with the Herbal Astrology deck, which is now in pre-orders. While not a tarot deck, oracle decks are created entirely by the author with new imagery and meanings — making them truly unique.


Santa Muerte Tarot Deck: Book of the Dead $26.95 $24.25

This gorgeously illustrated deck invokes all the mysticism associated with the holy Día de los Muertos and Santa Muerte, patron saint of the dead. Whether you simply love the cosmic imagery or you’re curious about working closely with the Mexican deity that spiritual website Exemplore calls “the grim reaperess,” the deck and its accompanying guidebook will be the perfect addition to your espiritista journey.


The Sugar Skull Tarot Deck $24.99 $20.06

Speaking of Día de los Muertos, if you’ve been looking to add some Mexican spiritism into your practice, check out Mexican artist Carolina Martínez’s sugar skull-themed deck, showcasing the “calaveras” that celebrants hand-make as offerings to the dead on the November 1 holiday. The deck’s vibrant and colorful imagery invokes all the energy you need for a wonderfully inspired reading.


Seasons of the Witch: Yule Oracle $24.95 $22.46

Co-written by Juliet Diaz, an indigenous Taino Cubana bruja, this deck features 44 cards with supportive divine messages. Inspired by the healing energy of Yuletide celebrations, this deck provides key comforting reminders in the midst of a harsh winter, making way for deep self-reflections and a bright blossoming spring to come.


Tarot del Toro: A Tarot Deck and Guidebook $29.99 $20.49

Guillermo del Toro meets tarot. This match-made-in-heaven deck is inspired by the macabre imagery found in the Mexican director’s most popular films, like Pan’s LabyrinthCrimson Peak, and The Shape of Water. While reviews are extremely positive when it comes to the Major Arcana’s intricate designs, the Minor Arcana leaves something to be desired with its minimalistic style. Still, this deck is a must-have for any and all del Toro fans.


Briscas Naipes Tarot Deck $4.15

If you’re anything like me, you’ll recognize these images from all the extremely competitive briscas card games everyone in Puerto Rico played whenever there was a lull in the conversation. Originating from Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, these playing cards showcase a simplified version of traditional tarot imagery and can be used for either divination or a spirited session of the unpredictable strategy game.


Tarot Of The Quarantined Garden $39.99

Designed and written by Venezuelan photographer Antonio Briceño, this deck features 40 cards with gorgeous photographs of plants and animals, all labeled in Spanish with a bilingual guidebook. The deck includes the 22 traditional Major Arcanas and 18 new “auxiliary” Arcanas, an author-created group of cards meant to guide the reading in lieu of the traditional Minor Arcanas.


Kawaii Tarot: A 78-Card Deck of Magic and Cute $14.95 $13.46

Written and illustrated by Amí Naeily (formerly Diana Lopez), this kawaii deck is the cutest one you’ll see. Inspired by the adorable Japanese style from comics, TV, and fashion, all the cards have that simple, emoji-reminiscent design that are perfect for beginners.


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