7 Kitchen Cabinet Organizers That Will Magically Double Your Storage Space

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Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers
Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers


Fact: your kitchen cabinets are probably bigger than you think. Especially if the cabinets are particularly deep or tall, there's likely vertical space you're not fully utilizing or cans of food lingering in the corner that you don't even know about. Be honest, have you ever emptied out your kitchen cabinet and said, "I totally forgot I had this!" while holding a package of very expired food? (Me too.)

Which is why, for a complete cabinet overhaul, you'll want to start by removing everything from the cabinet and taking stock of what's there. To jumpstart the decluttering process, here are seven things you can toss right now without a second thought.

And for everything else? Invest in smart kitchen cabinet organizers that let you see what you have, minimize food waste, and keep cooking utensils right where you need them. This is a kitchen makeover from the inside out—guests likely won't notice this transformation, but it will completely change the way you cook and live in the kitchen.

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DIY "Drawers"

To prevent snack packs and boxes of rice from getting lost in the back of the cabinet, sort them into see-through bins. These containers have built-in handles, so you can pull them out like a drawer to quickly grab what you need or transport them to the island as you work on a recipe.