7 Healthy Aldi Finds Coming to Stores in September

Aldi is definitely getting to the autumn flavors we know and love.

Reviewed by Dietitian Maria Laura Haddad-Garcia

Turning the page to a new month on the calendar always signals one thing: a whole new slate of Aldi finds. Though we're partial to shopping at Aldi no matter the month, we're always excited to see what the popular grocer has been cooking up when it comes to limited-time finds.

Fall fans will be thrilled to know that Aldi is leaning into autumn vibes as we enter September, with lots of apple, pumpkin and cinnamon-flavored items heading to stores. We've rounded up some of the fun healthy items hitting shelves soon, but there are plenty more to keep an eye out for. Treat yourself to Moser Roth Autumn Truffles, featuring flavors like pumpkin spice, almond-maple and caramel apple, starting September 6. Go hunting in the bakery aisle for iced slices of cinnamon loaf cake and pumpkin-pecan cookies near the end of the month. And red wine lovers should peruse the wine section all September long—Aldi is dropping a new bottle of red wine every week.

Whatever you want out of your next Aldi shopping spree, keep your eyes peeled for all kinds of warm, spiced goodies that will have you feeling ready for cooler weather.

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1. Barissimo Fall Coffees

If you're a fan of flavored java, you'll want to try out Aldi's new selection of autumnal coffee. Starting September 6, folks can find Keurig-compatible coffee cups available in caramel macchiato and caramel apple flavors, plus ground coffee in caramel and apple crisp flavors. Both options are a great way to add a seasonal twist to your morning cup without having to swing through a drive-thru or pick up flavored creamer at the store. Add your usual splash of milk and sprinkle of sweetener or drink it black—either way, you'll have a delish cup. Grab a box of 18 cups for $5.99 or opt for a bag of ground coffee for $3.95.

2. Simply Nature Pumpkin Applesauce Cups

We're already excited to try out this seasonally inspired twist on a lunchbox classic, and the possibilities are endless with these little cups of fall goodness. If you opt for quick microwaveable oatmeal (or even overnight oats) in the morning, stir a cup of this pumpkin-apple combination into your oats and sprinkle in some cinnamon for a fun fall-appropriate breakfast. Pack a cup in your kiddo's lunch or keep the little pack of six in the break room for those moments when you just want a sweet snack. Use them in an applesauce muffin for extra fall flavor or bring the pumpkin vibes to a pile of yummy applesauce pancakes. However you use it, you'll have to start by picking up a six-pack of cups for $1.95 starting September 6.

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3. Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Veggie Pizzas

Mama Cozzi's pizzas are an Aldi staple—that's why they're voted fan favorites year after year—and now they're packing in some extra veggies for fall. Beginning September 13, you can pick up a Mama Cozzi's Margherita pizza on a pumpkin crust or a three-cheese pizza on a beet-based crust. Both pizzas boast no preservatives, but tons and tons of gooey cheese, flavorful sauce and, for the Margherita lovers, juicy tomatoes. These three-serving pies would be great to stash in the freezer for a last-minute meal, so pick one up for $4.99.

4. Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

If you need a little boost of caffeine *and* you're craving something sweet, you could always reach for these super-snackable chocolate-covered espresso beans. The dark chocolate wrapped around these coffee beans has a few health benefits, including the ability to boost your mental sharpness—which is all the more reason to reach for these when you're in an afternoon slump at work. Pick up a tub for $3.49 beginning September 13.

5. Don't Mind If I Do Cabernet Sauvignon

This red wine joins Aldi's lineup of Don't Mind If I Do wines beginning September 20. (If you're excited to try this line of wines out, scope out the bubbly rosé that arrived on shelves this summer.) The Don't Mind wines have zero sugar, which makes them a good option for people with diabetes who want to be especially careful about their sugar intake. Using a bottle of this cabernet makes it easy to whip up a batch of our Red Sangria. But the most appealing thing about this cab might just be the price—try a bottle for just $7.99.

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6. Barissimo Pumpkin Spice Cold Foam

If you get to the end of the month and find that you've wiped out your supply of fall-flavored coffee, fear not. You can restock your coffee stash and add this seasonal cold foam to your cart. Starting September 27, Aldi will stock this fun and festive pumpkin spice cold foam that will make you feel like you just walked out of a coffeehouse. This nutmeg- and cinnamon-infused concoction squirts into your morning coffee like a whipped cream canister, so look for it in the cream and creamer area. (Of course, you can also try making a Starbucks dupe cold foam at home—here's the method that went viral on TikTok.) Grab a bottle for $4.49.

7. Specially Selected Spicy Maple Syrup

In recipes like our Blackberry Compote and Tiramisu-Inspired Overnight Oats, we lean on maple syrup to add a delicious sweetness that just can't be beaten. But Aldi may have taken things up a level by infusing its popular organic maple syrup with hot chile peppers, making it an enticing way to add sugar and spice to your next meal. Use this syrup with a kick in savory recipes like our Maple-Roasted Chicken Thighs with Sweet Potato Wedges and Brussels Sprouts, Miso-Maple Salmon or Sheet-Pan Maple-Mustard Pork Chops & Carrots. Try a bottle for $5.99 beginning September 27.

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