7-Eleven Hot Dog-Flavored Chips Have Returned And They “Legit Taste Like Hot Dogs”

Joseph Neese
Photo credit: @SnackGator - Instagram
Photo credit: @SnackGator - Instagram

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Lay's changed our dinner plans for the foreseeable future when the chip maker dropped its new line of Flavor Icons, which are five different crunchy flavors inspired by iconic restaurant dishes. You can now consume Nashville Hot Chicken, New York Style Pizza and Philly Cheesesteak, all in chip form. Or, if it's Taco Tuesday, the chile relleno and carnitas street taco bags handily complement a margarita.

Chips that taste like real food are apparently on trend, because Instagrammer @SnackGator just spotted Big Bite Hot Dog flavored chips back at 7-Eleven. Like their Lay's counterpart, they're a limited-edition snack. However, they originally debuted on the convenience store chain's shelves about a decade ago.

"These legit taste like hot dogs—not just mustard and relish. These are so hot doggy, hot dogs might be jealous," the snack sleuth wrote on their Instagram post: "We can taste the entire combination of mustard, relish, bun, and even the meat. Hot DAMN these are good!"

If the comments are any indication, @SnackGator is on point. "Def left us feelin' the hot dog breath lol," one user replied. Another said, "I don't know how you do it. You just keep attacking my snack buds."

When you head into 7-Eleven to get your fingers on a bag of these scrumptious hot dog-flavored chips, you'll undoubtedly also stop to pour yourself a Slurpee. We were shook to our core recently when we discovered that 7-Eleven sells a cotton candy topper meant to garnish the iconic frozen drink. What a time! What a time.

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