7 Decorating Ideas to Try From the West Elm Holiday House 2019

If you’re in need of holiday decorating inspiration, the West Elm Holiday House might hold the ideas you’ve been hoping for.

Holiday trends come and go, but Christmas trees are forever. (Or something like that, right?) Decorating for the holidays might shift from year to year, but there are always some cherished staples that appear every year. Think Christmas trees, Advent calendars, and stockings—the essentials for your holiday decor if you celebrate Christmas.

Even with those decor staples, staying on top of the newest holiday decor trends keeps your holiday decorating ideas from getting boring and stale. Sure, you always have a tree, but a given year’s trends could help determine which ornaments you put on it, or what color lights you hang. If you really move with the trends, they can even determine what color tree you try. (Remember pink and blue Christmas trees?)

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Whether you try new alternative Christmas trees every year or you go to the same farm for a tree each holiday season, you’re likely interested to know what sorts of holiday decor you’ll see in the stores and homes around you this year—you might even be willing to try a few trends in your own home. To help shoppers and trend-followers stay on top of these fresh ideas, West Elm teamed up with StreetEasy, Sherwin Williams, Leesa Sleep, Sonos, and more to fill a New York City apartment with the top looks of the year.

The West Elm Holiday House was open to the public throughout the month of October, which might be a little early for Christmas and holiday decorating for some people. Fortunately, the smart design team behind the gorgeous holiday decor put together a list of seven genius holiday decorating trends anyone can bring home this season. Whether you’re looking for a little contemporary magic to revive your years-old holiday decor or you want to build a whole new Christmas collection, these ideas can help you make sure your decorations are in line with the current looks. Chances are, you’ll be able to use these decorations next year (and more after that), too.

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1. Add real foliage to your Christmas tree

Courtesy of West Elm

Whether it’s real or fake, your tree could likely use a little filling out. Adding extra foliage, such as eucalyptus leaves adds fullness to the tree. For faux trees, it also gives off that must-have holiday scent. You can replace leaves as the season goes on, too, so your tree always looks fresh—and you have a fresh look for every holiday party.

2. Find creative spots for your seasonal decor

Courtesy of West Elm

Putting your tried-and-true holiday decorations in non-traditional spots both shakes up your conventional decor and makes it easier to fit these special holiday items into your home, especially if you’re in a small space. Case in point: Use a bar cart, etagere, bookshelf, or side table to hang stockings if your home doesn’t have a mantle—or if you just want to shake things up.

3. Spread the cheer (literally)

Courtesy of West Elm

Instead of limiting your holiday decorating to the living room or dining room, find ways to sprinkle your icons of seasonal cheer around the whole house. West Elm’s team suggests adding ornaments to bowls or vases, which you can distribute around your space.

4. Try metallics

Courtesy of West Elm

Metallic finishes have been big for permanent decoration throughout 2019, and the end-of-year holidays continue the trend. Metallics are especially good for the holidays, because they can show off holiday spirit without feeling overdone or too loud—particularly if you’ve already incorporated metallic items into your home in other ways. The West Elm team recommends Mercury votives, tealights, and hurricanes to show off that holiday sparkle, but with a 2019 twist.

5. Swap out your pillows

Courtesy of West Elm

This year-round wisdom bears repeating: Swapping out your throw pillows (or at least the covers) and blankets for each season can completely change the look and feel of your space, with minimal effort and cost on your part. For winter—and the holidays—try faux fur for an extra cozy atmosphere.

6. If you decorate early, start small

Courtesy of West Elm

Some people wait until December 1 to put up their holiday decorations; some people just can’t wait that long. If you want to fall somewhere in the middle, or stretch the decorating process out as long as possible, start with minimalist holiday decor that fits easily into your home and serves as a transition into peak holiday season. Small touches such as a glass Christmas tree–shaped decanter or simplified nutcrackers offer a sprinkling of that holiday cheer without going overboard—and might be enough to get you to Thanksgiving before you can no longer resist putting up your Christmas lights.

7. Put your seasonal decor front and center

​​​​​​​Courtesy of West Elm

​​​​​​​Stressing over centerpieces, in addition to all the other holiday decorations, isn’t necessary. Instead, stick your favorite decorative items in the center of your holiday feasting table. Glass (and other clear materials) is great because it doesn’t obstruct guests’ views of each other; try a glass tabletop tree and fill it with lights, ornaments, or a candle to make the table shine.