7 Biopics That Were Loved By Their Own Subjects And 8 That Were Absolutely Loathed

When Hollywood decides to make a movie depicting a person's life, chances are the subject won't be so fond of the film.

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However, there are also times when people love the films made about them. Biopics aren't always 100% historically accurate, but depending on who you ask, celebs will either love or hate how their film portrays their life story.


15.Hated: Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams — Patch Adams

Patch Adams with a clown nose on his face in "Patch Adams"

Patch Adams may be a beloved comedy-drama, but to the man himself, it was no laughing matter. Adams criticized the film for portraying him as merely a "funny doctor" and misrepresenting his story for the sake of commercial success.

Nevertheless, he still claims he didn't hate Williams in the film, saying "I'm enormously grateful for his wonderful performance of my early, which has allowed the Gesundheit Institute to continue and expand our work.

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14.Liked: Muhammad Ali — Ali

Muhammad Ali with his head bowed and boxing gloves up in "Ali"

This boxing film won Will Smith his first Oscar nomination (and I realize how ironic that now sounds). But for his portrayal of the late great heavyweight champion, Smith received praise from Muhammad Ali on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

"The champ looked at me and gave me the nod that I did a good job. I worked as hard as I could possibly have worked," said Smith, who later served as one of Ali's pallbearers at his memorial service following his death.

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13.Hated: Michael Oher — The Blind Side

Michael Oher sitting on a couch in "The Blind Side"

Many people criticized this film for perpetuating racial stereotypes and the "white savior" trope, but Michael Oher didn't take too kindly to how the film depicted his intelligence.

"I felt like [the movie] portrayed me as dumb instead of as a kid who never had consistent academic instruction and ended up thriving once he got it," said Oher. He also didn't like how the film depicted him as not understanding football.

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12.Hated: David Letterman — The Late Shift

David Letterman holding up a note saying "I Hate Myself" in "The Late Shift"

This made-for-TV biopic followed the behind-the-scenes struggle between Jay Leno and David Letterman over who would become Johnny Carson's replacement as the host of The Tonight Show.

Letterman himself had some harsh words for the film, calling it "the biggest waste of film since my wedding photos" and likening Michael Higgins' portrayal of him to a "psychotic chimp." Ouch.

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11.Liked: Stephen Hawking — The Theory of Everything

Close-up of "Stephen Hawking" in "The Theory of Everything"

This acclaimed biopic depicts the life of world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking during his relationship with Jane Wilde, his breakthrough in the research of black holes, and his fight against ALS. Hawking was in awe of Eddie Redmayne's performance of him, so much so that he took to Facebook to voice his love for the film.

"I thought Eddie Redmayne portrayed me very well in [the film]," said Hawking. "He spent time with ALS sufferers so he could be authentic. At times, I thought he was me."

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10.Probably Hated: Dick Cheney — Vice

Close-up of Dick Cheney in "Vice"

This one shouldn't come as a surprise, as this film depicts the former Vice-President as a ruthless, manipulative, and power-hungry "Big Brother." While it's unknown if Cheney actually saw the film, Bale said in an interview that one of the moms at his son's school knew Cheney and asked him if he wanted to pass a message to Bale. And reportedly, Cheney said, "Tell him he's a Dick."

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9.Liked: Molly Bloom — Molly's Game

Molly sitting in a red dress in "Molly's Game"

Molly's Game follows the life of Molly Bloom, who ran a high-stakes poker ring that brought in A-List celebrities, wealthy business moguls, and even the Russian mafia.

You know that Bloom was on board with this film from the get-go since it was her idea and she was the one who pitched it to director Aaron Sorkin in the first place. Bloom also claimed that Jessica Chastain's performance as her "blew [her] away."

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8.Hated: Patrizia Reggiani — House of Gucci

Patrizia wearing a skiing outfit in "House of Gucci"

Though the real Patrizia Reggiani approved of Gaga's casting, she claims that she was "annoyed" that she did not meet with her before her performance.

Reggiani even said she spoke on behalf of the Guccis when saying that they were "truly disappointed by the film," adding, "They are stealing the identity of a family to make a profit, to increase the income of the Hollywood system."

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7.Liked: Robert Durst — All Good Things

David Marks and Kate McCarthy hugging in their wedding clothes in "All Good Things"

Its characters may have different names, but this film is still very much about the life and crimes of Robert Durst, including how he murdered both his first wife and his friend. Amazingly, the late real estate heir professed his love for the film, but his admiration for the film proved to be his undoing.

Durst decided to be interviewed by the film's director, Andrew Jarecki, and later volunteered to appear in his docuseries, The Jinx, which showed him unknowingly admitting into his microphone that he was guilty of murder. Talk about karma.

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6.Hated: Julian Assange — The Fifth Estate

Julian Assange and co. looking at a laptop in "The Fifth Estate"

Given how controversial Julian Assange is, it's only natural that the movie about him would garner such a mixed response. Assange himself described the film as a "mass propaganda attack against WikiLeaks" and a "lie built upon a lie" that "fans the flames to start a war with Iran."

While Assange had communicated with Cumberbatch, saying that he had good intentions, the WikiLeaks founder asked him to reconsider being a part of the film, which he called "a project that vilified and marginalizes a living political refugee to the benefit of an entrenched, corrupt, and dangerous system."

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5.Liked: Elton John — Rocketman

Elton John playing a piano in a baseball stadium in "Rocketman"

Rocketman is one of the most acclaimed biopics to come out in recent years, with Taron Egerton's performance as Elton John receiving widespread praise.

Egerton and the filmmakers faced a daunting task in bringing the singer's life to film, but Elton said watching it was "very emotional" for him, and he had nothing but love for Egerton's performance. "I trusted them to do what they needed to do, artistically, and listening back I've been astonished with the results," he said.

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4.Hated: Pamela Anderson — Pam & Tommy

Pamela Anderson sitting in an office in "Pam & Tommy"

This acclaimed Hulu series depicts the story surrounding the release of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's infamous sex tape.

Though the series intended to portray Pamela and her struggle authentically, Anderson didn't approve of the series since day one. Anderson has never seen the show, but a source close to her says she won't ever see it.

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3.Liked: Jordan Belford — The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort holding a microphone in "The Wolf of Wall Street"

This modern Scorcese classic follows the rise and fall of infamous stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Though Belfort sued the film's production company for fraud in 2020, he still expressed his love for Leonardo DiCaprio's realistic portrayal of him while also stating how authentic the film really is.

"The drug use [in the film] and the stuff with the hookers and the sales assistants and sex in the office...that stuff is really, really accurate," said Belfort. He showed a lot of support for the film and even made a cameo at the end of it (which might've sent a mixed message as the film was trying to denounce Belfort's actions). He also guided DiCaprio through the infamous "cerebral palsy stage" scene in which he takes too many quaaludes.

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2.Hated: Mark Zuckerberg — The Social Network

Mark sitting at a desk with headphones around his neck in "The Social Network"

Described as "Citizen Kane for the Internet age," The Social Network depicts a slightly embellished account of the birth of Facebook and the lawsuits faced by its co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Unsurprisingly, Zuckerberg took issue with the film's depiction of him, saying that he didn't make Facebook to "get girls" and "get into clubs" but that he just liked "building things."

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1.Liked: Tonya Harding — I, Tonya

Tonya Harding in a purple skating outfit in "I, Tonya"

When a film about someone famous for allegedly committing a crime is made, you wouldn't expect the person to like it. However, Tonya Harding praised Margot Robbie's film about her for its empathetic portrayal of her life and her infamous incident with Nancy Kerrigan.

"[Tonya] was very complimentary about what we pulled off," said Robbie, "and she was really kind about my skating even though I'm nowhere near as good as I should be. Yeah, she was great."

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Do you agree with this list? Are there any other biopics that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.