7 Best Soaking Tubs to Buy in 2023

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These extra-deep tubs are made for relaxation

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Choosing a bathtub may seem like a straightforward task, but there are tubs of all different shapes and sizes, from simple alcove tubs for small spaces to larger, deeper freestanding options. If the latter sounds like what you’re searching for, set your sights on a soaking tub.

"A soaking tub is a bathtub that’s designed for one purpose only: relaxation,” says Matt Little, co-owner of Damien McEvoy Plumbing. “It’s a spa-like experience right in your bathroom.” That’s because soaking tubs are much deeper than standard tubs, which allows you to submerge and relax after a long day—yep, even if you’re a taller, larger adult. With guidance from Little as well as research into the different soaking tubs available, we’re sharing our favorites for a relaxing whole-body soak, from shower-and-tub combinations to bathtubs big enough for two to outdoor tubs.

Best Overall: Kohler Underscore 60-Inch Soaking Alcove Bathtub

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What We Like

  • Easy entry

  • Molded lumbar support

  • Slip-resistant bottom

What We Don’t Like

  • Some parts sold separately

Kohler is known for its bathroom fixtures, including bathtubs, so it’s no surprise that this alcove-style soaking tub tops our list. At 60 x 30 inches, the alcove style fits into bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Plus, this particular bathtub has a sleek and contemporary design that suits a wide range of decor styles.

The design isn’t all about aesthetics, though. The tub features helpful details and smart touches, like a slotted overflow to help maintain enough depth for soaking (15.5 inches) while still retaining an ADA-compliant 19-inch step-over height that makes entry easy. This acrylic tub also features a slip-resistant floor for safety and molded lumbar support to help cradle your head and neck as you lean back and relax. We also like the angle of the tub’s interior, too, which sits at a 15-degree incline that’s comfortable for lounging.

Just note: While alcove tubs tend to be easy to install, this one actually doesn’t come with a few necessary parts, like the drain hood. You’ll have to buy those accessories separately prior to installation.

Price at time of publish: $1,026

Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 20 inches | Material: Acrylic | Soaking Depth: 15.5 inches | Water Capacity: 68 gallons

Best Freestanding: Ove Decors Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Soaking Acrylic Bathtub

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What We Like

  • Adjustable leveling feet

  • Sleek slipper silhouette

  • Impressive 25-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Drain is tricky to install

If you have the space for a freestanding soaking tub, you really can’t beat the Rachel by Ove Decors. Featuring a beautiful oval-shaped slipper design that looks sophisticated in any bathroom, it looks like something you’d find at a high-end hotel or spa. In addition to its eye-catching style, we particularly love how deep of a soak it offers. This bathtub offers one of the most generous soaking depths available at 22.75 inches.

That extra depth provides plenty of room for taller or larger adults to fully submerge themselves. Despite this, it’s more water efficient than some of the other tubs on our list, since this model maxes out at a 62-gallon capacity. However, you’ll want to be prepared for the tricky drain installation when setting up this tub. Once that’s in place, you’ll enjoy the durable acrylic material that’s meant to stand the test of time over many years. It’s designed to be easy to maintain, thanks to details like superior mold resistance. If you ever do have a problem, though, the product is backed by an impressive 25-year limited warranty.

Price at time of publish: $1,200

Dimensions: 70.063 x 34.25 x 29.94 inches | Material: Acrylic | Soaking Depth: 22.75 inches | Water Capacity: 62 gallons

Best for Two: Wyndham Collection Rebecca 65-Inch Acrylic Flatbottom Bathtub

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What We Like

  • Extra width

  • Fits two people comfortably

  • Multiple hardware finishes

What We Don’t Like

  • No ledge

Whether you’re looking for a roomy spot to bathe multiple children or want an option that’s large enough for a romantic soak with your partner, The Wyndham Collection’s Freestanding Soaking Acrylic Bathtub is a great option. At 65 inches long and 32 inches wide, the slipper-shaped tub has plenty of space for two people to sit without feeling tight. We also love its impressive water capacity; the tub can hold 75 gallons, which ensures you’re both fully submerged. Roomy enough to lounge and remain fully submerged (thanks to the 13.5-inch depth), it has all the space you and your family or partner might need.

Designed with sloped sides that add to the tub’s overall comfort, there are multiple finish choices to perfectly pair with most bathroom accents. However, note that there’s no edge to perch on–and the sloped sides can also lead to water splashing out of the tub and onto the floor more easily if you’re not careful while inside.

Price at time of publish: $1,120

Dimensions: 65 x 32 x 23 inches | Material: Acrylic | Soaking Depth: 13.5 inches | Water Capacity: 75 gallons

Best for Small Bathrooms: Fine Fixtures Drop-In Soaking Bathtub

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What We Like

  • Compact alcove design

  • Angled back

  • Multilayered insulating and structural material

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires built-in frame

  • May be short for tall individuals

Less common than but just as convenient as an alcove tub, a drop-in like the Fine Fixtures Drop-In Soaking Bathtub offers a smaller footprint that’s suitable for bathrooms short on space. Despite its 48-inch length, this tub provides plenty of space for soaking with a surprising 17.75-inch depth. It can fit inside bathrooms as small as 4 x 6 feet, allowing you to achieve a luxurious bath without the luxury of a ton of space. Plus, we like the angled back for lounging, which adds to the comfort factor. Just note people on the taller side probably won’t be able to stretch out much.

This tub is also nice and durable and has adequate heat retention, thanks to its five-layer acrylic and fiberglass construction. Each layer is designed to strengthen the tub’s structure–but it’s also lightweight and chip- and crack-resistant, making it perfect for bathrooms with active kids. It can definitely hold up to the rigors of daily bathtime! However, it’s worth noting that because this is a drop-in tub, you’ll need a frame for installation. This may be a plus, though, since you can do custom woodworking or tile on the outside wall.

Price at time of publish: $724

Dimensions: 48.25 x 32.13 x 19.125 inches | Material: Acrylic | Soaking Depth: 17.75 inches | Water Capacity: 51.78 gallons

Best Soaking Tub/Shower Combo: Kingston Brass 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub

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What We Like

  • Works alone or with a shower

  • Convenient ledge

  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Drain kit not included

  • Difficult to clean

You really can’t beat the overall value of the Kingston Brass Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub. It’s budget-friendly, but it’s also sleek and modern plus highly functional. The rectangular alcove bathtub can be used as a standalone tub or as a tub/shower combo. And for bathers who like to soak, the 15-inch depth is more than most alcove styles offer—a huge bonus for small spaces.

The unit is made out of acrylic, so it’s nice and lightweight–even when filled with water–which makes it simple to get in place and install. However, it doesn’t come with a drain kit, so you’ll want to have one on hand before starting the installation process. Additionally, it’s a bit difficult to clean; the tub tends to hang onto any soap scum and dirt that accumulates, and it can require some tough scrubbing to wholly eliminate. With regular maintenance and a trusty cleaning solution, though, the acrylic material should hold up well over time.

Price at time of publish: $830

Dimensions: 60 x 30.69 x 22.06 inches | Material: Acrylic | Soaking Depth: 14 inches | Water Capacity: 58.2 gallons

Best for Aging Adults: Universal Tubs HD Series 60-Inch Quick Fill Walk-In Whirlpool Bath Tub

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What We Like

  • Slip-resistant floor and grab bar

  • ADA-compliant contoured seating

  • 12 whirlpool massage jets

  • 10-year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulky appearance

Universal Tubs’ Walk-In Whirlpool and Air Bath Tub isn’t your average bathtub; it’s so much more. We like it as a fantastic option for anyone with limited mobility, including aging adults. It makes entering and exiting the tub easier, allowing the mobility-challenged to walk right into the tub rather than step over a tall side. It’s expensive, but it’s an investment with plenty of value, particularly considering all of the features included. This tub comes equipped with a zero-entry door, a slip-resistant floor, a grab bar, and ADA-compliant contoured seating. It also includes an inline heater to keep the water warm and 12 whirlpool jets to soothe joints and muscles.

We also like how quickly the basin fills up and drains, with help from the included quick-fill faucet and power-assisted fast drain. The quick-fill faucet and power-assisted fast drain are essential, too, especially considering the 32-inch depth–which is much deeper than any other soaking tub on our list. As if that’s not enough, your purchase also gets you a 10-year warranty and a lifetime warranty for the seal on the door. It is bulky and doesn’t feature the sleekest or most stylish design, but its functionality is really what makes it such a standout option.

Price at time of publish: $4,382

Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 39 inches | Material: Acrylic | Soaking Depth: 32 inches | Water Capacity: 70 gallons

Best Outdoor: Pottery Barn Brayson Handcrafted Freestanding Concrete Bathtub

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What We Like

  • Fits two people

  • Outdoor-durable material

  • Reinforced sides

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t include hardware

Having a tub outside is the ultimate luxury, but it’s not advisable to put any old bathtub in an area that’s exposed to fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns. For the most staying power, you’ll want a concrete tub like this one from Pottery Barn. Designed specifically for outdoor use, the tub material is exceptionally durable and naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Despite its heavy-duty design, this soaking tub earns extra points with us for its thoughtful craftsmanship. The concrete alone is tough, but it’s made even stronger thanks to its reinforced sides, which feature natural jute fiber to make the tub durable yet about 40 percent lighter than standard concrete options. We also love that it’s crack-resistant, despite any exposure to the elements.

As far as comfort goes, this tub also boasts one of the most impressive soaking depths. Bathers will enjoy a full 21 inches of interior depth. Plus, the tub can accommodate up to 88 gallons of water at a time–far more than any other options on our list. You could easily fit two people inside this beast of a tub! Just note: Its price doesn’t include any compatible hardware, so you’ll have to source that yourself separately.

Price at time of publish: $9,099

Dimensions: 66 x 34 x 23 inches | Material: Concrete | Soaking Depth: 21 inches | Water Capacity: 88 gallons

Commerce - Final Verdict

Our top recommendation is the Kohler Underscore Soaking Acrylic Bathtub, a moderately-priced option from a reputable brand that features a space-saving design paired with a generous soaking depth. If you prefer a freestanding option, we like the Ove Decors Rachel Freestanding Soaking Acrylic Bathtub with its sleek and sophisticated shape, quick-filling design, and impressive 25-year warranty.

What to Look For in a Soaking Tub


Bathtubs can be made out of several different materials, but some of the most common include:

  • Acrylic: These bathtubs are the most common, since they’re affordable, lightweight, easy to install, durable, and easy to clean and maintain.

  • Fiberglass: This material is also lightweight and affordable, but not as high-end as acrylic. Generally, you’ll find this material in tub/shower combos.

  • Porcelain-enameled steel: Another common and relatively affordable choice, though typically heavier than acrylic or fiberglass.

  • Enamel cast iron: These tubs are very durable, but extremely heavy and more expensive. If your floors can support it, this material is favored for having excellent heat retention and being resistant to chipping and scratching.

  • Cast polymer: This type of bathtub is made from cultured stone blended with polymers and resins. They are affordable, easy to clean, and stain resistant, but if they do crack, the damage may be irreparable.


Before settling on a soaking tub, make sure to measure the designated space available in your bathroom's layout to make sure those you're considering will fit comfortably. In addition to measuring the length and width of the area, consider depth—particularly if there’s a windowsill, vanity, or other obstruction that may interfere with installation.

In general, alcove tubs are more suitable for smaller bathrooms and tub/shower combos, since these tubs measure about 60 by 32 inches. With dimensions closer to 65 by 32 inches, freestanding tubs may offer a more spa-like experience, but require much more space.


There are four primary types of bathtubs—alcove tubs, freestanding tubs, drop-in tubs, and corner tubs—however soaking tubs tend to be alcove or freestanding.

  • Alcove tubs fit inside a three-sided alcove and are primarily used in smaller bathrooms or with tub/shower combos. The standard dimensions for an alcove tub are around 60 by 32 inches. They tend to be the most budget-friendly and the easiest to install.

  • Freestanding tubs offer a more spa-like experience and are better for bigger bathrooms and primary suites with more space. They are usually a bit bigger—around 65 by 32 inches. Unlike alcove tubs, which tend to be rectangular, freestanding tubs are most commonly oval.

Water efficiency

According to the EPA, bathtubs require 70 gallons of water or more, which means they’re not the most efficient means of bathing. Since soaking tubs tend to be larger and deeper, you can expect to use a lot of water each time you immerse yourself. For greater water efficiency, look for tubs that have unique faucet and drainage locations to fill and empty the tub more efficiently. You may also want to consider materials like stone resin for superior heat retention, so you don’t have to keep refilling the tub with warm water while you soak.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a soaking tub and a bathtub?

A soaking tub is a deeper bathtub that’s designed for relaxation. Soaker tubs often come in various shapes and sizes, such as oval, round, square, and even more unique artistic shapes to suit individual needs. You may also find soaker tubs with other comfort features, including body contouring shapes, built-in headrests, armrests, and lumbar support, says Leah Tuttleman, certified Allied American Society of Interior Designers for Re-Bath, a full-service bathroom remodeling brand. Soaker tubs may even have unique faucet and drainage locations to fill and empty the tub more efficiently.

How deep is a standard soaker tub?

A standard bathtub is about 14 to 17 inches deep, but a soaking tub can be as deep as 18 to 22 inches, says Little.

What is the best material for a soaking tub?

When shopping for the best soaking tubs, there are a few high-quality materials to choose from. Cast iron is one of the most popular because of its durability and good heat retention, says Little. However, it’s heavier than other materials, so it’s important to make sure your floor can support it. Another popular material is lightweight acrylic, which also has good heat retention and is easier to clean, says Little. Stone resin is another high-end material that has a sleek, modern look. It also keeps the water warmer for a longer period of time. At the end of the day, it’s really about what your space dictates, as well as your personal preference and budget.

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