7 Best Sam’s Club Items Superfans Say Are 'Worth The Money'

sam's club store
sam's club store

Membership-based wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club are becoming increasingly popular these days—it’s hard to ignore the great deals both box stores offer. Although, when you get inside, it can be a little overwhelming. It’s basically a giant warehouse stacked to the ceiling with huge portions of your every day essentials. If you can relate, keep on reading, as superfans share their top 7 items at Sam’s Club.

1. Member's Mark Cinnamon Rolls

Member's Mark is the Sam's Club brand, available exclusively at Sam's Club. The cinnamon rolls, which can be found in the bakery section, are item #1 on superfans' list. You can get 8 cinnamon rolls for $8.98, and each of them are topped with a hefty serving of sweet icing.


According to a superfan writing for Parade, you can "serve these at Sunday brunch and watch everyone fight over the last one!"

2. Member's Mark Yeast Dinner Rolls

Item #2 on the superfans' list is the yeast dinner rolls. No matter what you're making for dinner, whether it's a warm bowl of pasta or a short rib stew, the dish isn't complete without the perfect dinner roll. Something to sop up all the leftover sauce at the end of the meal, which some people may say is the best bite of them all. Point is, you can't mess up the dinner roll.


Which is why superfans are urging you to try the Member's Mark Yeast Dinner Rolls, which one fan has described as "a total hostess win!" and perfect for "holiday entertaining." You can get a pack of 24 rolls for just $3.98—a great deal!

3. Member's Mark Snow Crab Legs

While some may be weary of buying seafood, especially crab, at a wholesale store, superfans are here to assure you that these Member's Mark Snow Crab Legs are totally "worth the money" at just $1.74 per pound. As one customer put it, they're "perfect for a date night in!"

4. Member's Mark Pecan Halves

Whether you're a baker or just a snacker, these pecan halves are right up your alley. At just $11.98 for 2 pounds of nuts, as one customer put it, "If you're getting your [baking] supplies anywhere other than Sam's, you are probably paying too much."

5. Member's Mark Rotisserie Chicken

While you may have heard about Costco's famous rotisserie chicken, it's got nothing on the Member's Mark Rotisserie Chicken from Sam's Club. You can get a 3 pound bird for just $4.98 (which, may we add, is 1 cent less than the Costco rotisserie chicken).


Sam's Club superfans all unanimously agreed that this is the best hot food available, with one customer writing, "People were literally lined up waiting on these to come out of the oven, and after tasting the chicken, I can see why."

6. Member's Mark Olive Oil

Olive oil can get kind of expensive, which is why Sam's Club customers are so obsessed with the Member's Mark Olive Oil, which comes in a 3-Liter bottle for just $17.98. This might just be the best deal on this list. Customers "couldn't believe" that the "huge jug of pure olive oil" was "under 20 bucks." You won't find that price anywhere else!

7. Member's Mark Chicken Taco Kit

And finally, the Member's Mark Chicke Taco Kit. Coming in at $5.48 per pound, it includes a bunch of tortillas, seasoned shredded chicken, a yummy cabbage slaw, salsa, cilantro lime crema, and lime wedges. As one superfan put it, "If hectic weeknights have you stressing about dinner, check out these Sam's Club ready-to-eat meal kits. The chicken taco kit is the best!"


Also available is a Hawaiian pulled pork kit, a chicken enchiladas kit, and a chicken alfredo kit. Yum!