The Best Baby Carriers For Dads

A baby carrier is a must-have for most parents, and dads are no exception. That’s why we found the best baby carriers for dads. And by best, we mean best.

Wearing your baby in a carrier can help you bond with your infant, while also freeing your hands to do stuff around the house. You can choose between wraps, slings, soft-structured carriers and frame backpacks. Different carriers offer different holds, usually front-facing and or with the baby carried in the back. When choosing a carrier, make sure it’s comfortable, that it’s easy to adjust, and that it can grow with your baby. If you need four adults and 20 minutes to get straps fastened, trust us, you’ll never use the carrier.

These are some of the top-rated baby carriers you can buy, that are both comfortable, easy to use, and easy on the eyes.

Best Baby Carriers for Men

MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D Child & Baby Carrier

MiaMily's Hipster Plus baby carrier lets you carry your kiddo nine, yes nine, different ways. It has an ergonomic design that distributes weight evenly throughout your lower back and shoulders, meaning you don't need a chiropractic adjustment when you take it off.

Buy Now $128.00

Pros: As its name indicates, the Hipster baby carrier makes sure your baby’s hips are resting in an optimal position when you carry him or her around. You can carry your child nine different ways. It has dual layer options, depending on the weather, and an extra storage pocket for your phone and keys.

Cons: It’s too bulky for some parents, and can be too small to fit bigger kids.

TBG Tactical Baby Carrier

This could be the most compact, rugged baby carrier you'll find.

Buy Now $125.00

Pros: This baby carrier is simple, and does its job and does it well. Your baby can face forward or back. It fits babies 8-33 pounds. And it has UTX buckles and a Velcro front panel.

Cons: The lining isn’t particularly infant-friendly.

LÍLLÉbaby The COMPLETE Embossed Luxe SIX-Position 360° Ergonomic Baby Carrier

This baby carrier has adjustable seat and leg openings for the baby.

Buy Now $169.99

Pros: This baby carrier lets you carry your child backpack-style, or facing forward. It has a large zippered storage pocket, a removable sleeping hood, and is made of breathable microcloth. It fits babies from the newborn stage to 18 months.

Cons: The waistband can be too wide for petite parents.

Evenflo Breathable Soft Carrier

This no-frills baby carrier gets the job done. It has two carry positions, either front-facing or rear-facing, breathable mesh panels, a removable bib and padded back straps.

Buy Now $17.99

Pros: If you want something simple, functional, and machine-washable, this is your baby carrier. It’s for use with babies seven to 26 pounds.

Cons: You get what you pay for. It’s not the sturdiest or most comfortable baby carrier out there, by a long shot.

Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

This baby carrier has three adjustable width settings, for customized comfort.

Buy Now $149.00

Pros: In addition to its width settings, the baby carrier also has two heigh settings. Plus, you have front and back carry options, and straps with extra padding. It fits babies from 7-45 pounds.

Cons: It can literally rub some parents the wrong way, and leave them with irritated skin.

BABYBJÖRN Carrier One Air Baby Carrier

This carrier fits around your hips in minutes, and is incredibly user-friendly.

Buy Now $219.99

Pros: As you’d expect from the originators, the BabyBjorn One Air is an all-in-one baby carrier that gets high marks for its ergonomic design, but the big feature is the breathable fabric. It fits babies aged 0-36 months.

Cons: Baby Gear Lab wasn’t terribly impressed by the Air’s airiness, saying “It is also bulky and did not perform well during our testing in both the Baby and Parent Comfort categories.”

Onya Baby Outback Baby Carrier, Chocolate Chip/Olive Green

The Jeep Wrangler of baby carriers, the Onya Outback is great for getting outdoors with a fabric that repels moisture and mud.

Buy Now $139.00

Pros: This baby carrier also has a gender neutral and somewhat rugged appearance. It’s also more versatile than your average baby carrier. Strap it to any chair with a back and it converts instantly to a high chair. Or a baby interrogation tool. It fits babies 7-45 pounds.

Cons: There aren’t too many haters out there, but one pain is that if you have a newborn, you’re going to need a separate “Baby Booster” insert.

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is made with soft mesh fabric and includes a UPF 50+ tuck-away baby food for sun protection.

Buy Now

Pros: Baby Gear Lab gave the Ergobaby the bronze in their Editor’s Choice Awards, saying it’s a solid baby carrier that got points for versatility. At least one parent on Amazon found that you could use the 360 for infants without the insert (although Ergobaby may have an issue with that.) It’s comfortable, ergonomic, and machine-washable. It fits babies 4-36 months.

Cons: The Velcro can be a bit loud for some parents.

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier

Toss this carrier in your diaper bag, and you'll have it just in case you need it.

Buy Now $39.95

Pros: It’s the “just in case” baby carrier that you can easily toss into a backpack, briefcase… maybe a valise if you’re traveling by steamer ship. Adventurous Parents took their daughter on a 22 km (roughly a million miles) hiking trip in Banff National Park and this lightweight baby carrier held up against blowing snow. Although it’s probably good for running to Trader Joe’s, too. It fits newborns and babies up to 36 months.

Cons: The fact that it isn’t one of those bulky “real” carriers is also its drawback. It’s not padded and thus not as comfortable as others on this list.

Infantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Baby Carrier

This isn't a fancy baby carrier, but it's solid value for your money. It fits babies 12-40 pounds and is machine washable. You can carry your baby in the front or back, and there's a canopy hood for sun protection.

Buy Now $37.83

Pros: It’s affordable, it’s practical, and it’s easy to use. This baby carrier doesn’t have the ergonomic bells and whistles of others on this list, but it has adjustable shoulder straps and a wide waist belt.

Cons: You get what you pay for. In this case, you can only use the carrier until your kid weighs 40 pounds.

Meinkind Baby Carriers

This baby carrier stands out for being ultra-adjustable, with a waist belt that goes from 26 to 52 inches and shoulder straps that go from 28 to 46 inches.

Buy Now $45.99

Pros: Meinkind translates from German into my child. So it’s fitting that this carrier has your baby front and center. It has an extra headrest that offers good support for a newborn, and an ergonomic M-style seat that keeps your baby’s legs more comfortable. It’s thoroughly adjustable, which is a huge bonus.

Cons: The shoulder straps can feel too bulky for some.

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