7 Amazon Fashion Finds That Influencers Said I Needed

·1 min read

Influencers are at the forefront of everything. When I say everything, I mean the latest and greatest in trends including the new Zara must-haves, the Coach Pillow Tabby (which obviously I need) and of course, all worthwhile influencer-approved Amazon finds. To be frank, if my favorite influencer says I need a new Pinterest-inspired bucket hat and matching swimsuit, then I go buy a Pinterest-inspired bucket hat and matching swimsuit. My paycheck knows no bounds when it comes to the golden words of the elite fashion bloggers that I aspire to shop like.

Sometimes, though, when these fashion bloggers promote a brand, it’s one that the masses simply cannot afford (I’m looking at you, you Revolve-promoting, Chanel-wearing money-suckers!). More recently, though, I’ve discovered that even the...

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