69-Year-Old Shoppers Are “Shocked” by the Quick Results of This $11 “Magic Potion” for Crepey Skin

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It works in as little as two days, says one.

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Amazon / InStyle

Though almost inevitable, crepey skin is, nevertheless, an age-related skin change that seems to creep up, particularly if your anti-aging skincare routine has focused solely on the face (guilty). Luckily, effective anti-crepe lotions do exist — but they can oftentimes prove pricey.

At $11 per tube, the Gold Bond Ultimate Crepe Corrector Therapy Lotion is far less expensive than most formulas of its kind; what’s more, shoppers swear it works just as well, if not more effectively, than creams with much higher price tags. The cream boasts almost 16,000 five-star ratings at Amazon, plus seemingly endless, elated reviews from mature shoppers. If crepey skin is a concern, this $11 cream is certainly worth trying for yourself.



Shop now: $11; amazon.com

The formula contains botanicals, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. It also contains squalane, which “has wonderful hydrating properties and maintains our skin's own moisture barrier," dermatologist Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD, previously told InStyle. "Our skin naturally produces squalene (with an "e"), but production decreases as we age,” leading to dryness and lack of suppleness. Topically adding squalane (the vegan version of squalane), as found in Gold Bond’s lotion, can restore a soft, supple feel.

The formula is also rich in omega fatty acids, which can strengthen the skin’s all-important skin barrier — and, in turn, prevent moisture loss. More moisture means plumper skin, less-apparent fine lines, and, ultimately, a smoother, less-crepey look overall. Finally, as preventative protection against skin-agers found in the environment, antioxidants are also present.

One reviewer calls the Gold Bond Ultimate Crepe Corrector Therapy Lotion “a magic potion.” The shopper, who says they’ve noticed crepey skin as they’ve aged, says “[their] crepe has diminished” after two days of using the cream.  Another shopper, a 69-year-old, says they’re “shocked” by their results: “My old arms have no crepey skin on them at all after using the Gold Bond [lotion]!” they say — “None!” 

For an effective crepe-reducing body cream at a price that’s almost unheard of for the category, shop the Gold Bond Ultimate Crepe Corrector Therapy Lotion for $11 at Amazon. 

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