At 66, Denise Austin Shows Off Toned Abs in Side-By-Side swimsuit Pics From ‘30 Years’ Ago

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Denise Austin, 66, Posts Red swimsuit Throwback PicsJerod Harris - Getty Images
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  • Denise Austin, 66, posted another “then and now” throwback photo.

  • In the side-by-side snaps turned into one photo, Austin wears the same red swimsuit from “over 30 years” ago.

  • “So many of you have been with me since I started (40 years ago) and I feel so grateful and it’s also so nostalgic for all of us!” she wrote.

Along with her upbeat at-home workout videos, fitness star Denise Austin loves to share photos from her decades-long career on Instagram, and fans can’t get over her latest side-by-side “then and now” throwback pictures from the ’90s.

In the snaps, Austin poses on the beach while sporting the same red, high-cut swimsuit from three decades prior, paired with white sneakers and black socks. In both photos, Austin holds a pair of light handweights and wears a big smile on her face.

“Then and now!!!!! What a fun #ThrowbackThursday to look back on from my exercise TV show...I love to rummage through all my leotards from back in the day and find these awesome vintage workout looks…that also match my 30-year-old TV show that aired,” Austin captioned her post.

“So, today I took a picture on the beach in the same outfit...and feel so fortunate that I kept it for over 30 years!!! Time does fly when you are living life…so many of you have been with me since I started (40 years ago) and I feel so grateful and it’s also so nostalgic for all of us!!! Just wondering...when was the first time you tried one of my workouts?!”

Fans jumped to the comments to answer Austin’s question and express their admiration for the fitness icon. “17 years old. 1989. That’s when my love of exercise began and it was thanks to you. Still love your workouts and your positive attitude,” one fan wrote. “Fit then and now! I’ve been exercising with you for at least 35 years!” another added.

In the second slide of her post, Austin reveals the original video from the TV show episode that aired “over 30 years” ago showcasing the red swimsuit. In the video, Austin shares a combination upper body and lunge workout for “ultra-sexy arms.”

The fitness star loves to inspire fans to stay active and serves as a reminder that “when it comes to life...age is just a number,” as she previously mentioned in another then-and-now throwback photo. “I feel as confident as ever and I’m so happy I kept this set from my days of filming my TV show,” she wrote.

To motivate others, Austin shares her favorite ways to stay active, including easy workout moves for women over 50, fat-burning cardio workouts, and more. “You’re never too old to start. Don’t give up,” she previously told Prevention.“Because your body can change and be healthier. You can do [it] step by step—little things.”

As for more of her health tips, Austin also told Prevention that balance is so important. “I also drink coffee and a glass of wine, and I’m a true believer in balance and always have been,” she said. “I believe in eating good foods and always have—eat well 80% of the time and have your treats 20% of the time. And that has been my philosophy.”

Fans love seeing Austin live her best life, now and always—and the fitness star appreciates that she gets to share her journey with her audience. “I have really enjoyed the changes and growing with my people and growing with my fans that have stayed with me for 35 years. It’s so fun,” she explained.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Austin!

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