64 Of The Best Movies To Stream On Amazon Prime Video In August

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1.Adaptation (2002)

Two Nicolas Cage's riding in a car

2.Alien (1979)

Yaphet Kotto, Sigourney Weaver, and Ian Holm stand in the control room of a space ship

3.Almost Famous (2000)

Patrick Fugit and Kate Hudson stand backstage a concert

4.*Anaconda (1997)

Jennifer Lopez bathes in a river

5.*Annette (2021)

Adam Driver wears sunglasses in the back of a van

6.*Annie (1982)

Bernadette Peters, Carol Burnett, and Tim Curry look for a locket

7.Arrival (2016)

Amy Adams putting on an orange hazmat suit

8.Big Fish (2003)

Ewan McGregor walking in the woods with a key around his neck

9.The Big Sick (2017)

Kumail Nanjiana and Zoe Kazan talk

10.Bottle Shock (2008)

Alan Rickman looks at a mason jar full of wine while Chris Pine looks on

11.Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019)

Jillian Bell runs down the street

12.Burlesque (2010)

Cher performs on a burlesque stage

13.Burn After Reading (2008)

Brad Pitt (with a nose bleed) and Frances McDormand sit in leather chairs

14.Burning (2018)

Yoo Ah-In, Jeon Jong-seo, and Steven Yeun watch a sunset from a back porch

15.*Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Leonardo Di Caprio walks through an airport with a whole group of flight attendants on his arm

16.Climax (2018)

Romain Guillermic, Sharleen Temple, Gizelle Palmer, Sarah Bella, Lea Vlamos, and Sofia Boutella all dance in a circle

17.Clockwatchers (1998)

Jamie Kennedy, Parker Posey, Toni Collettte, Lisa Kudrow, Alanna Ubach, and Debra Jo Rupp all stare at something off camera

18.Cold War (2018)

Tomasz Kot and Joanna Kulig lean against each other on the floor of a bathroom

19.An Education (2009)

Carey Mulligan hangs onto Peter Sarsgaard's arm

20.Election (1999)

Matthew Broderick talks with Reese Witherspoon who sits at a table in a school hallway

21.The Farewell (2019)

Awkwafina leens on Zhao Shuzhen's shoulder at the dinner table

22.Fargo (1996)

Frances McDormand sits at her plice desk with John Caroll Lynch

23.*Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Robert Romanus and Sean Penn check out at a record store

24.Fighting With My Family (2019)

Florence Pugh puts Jack Lowden in a headlock

25.Frozen River (2008)

Melissa Leo stands behind a cash register

26.The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Rooney Mara reads a newspaper

27.Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (1967)

Katharine Hepburn sits on a chair talking to Katharine Houghton and Sidney Poitier on a couch

28.Hook (1991)

Dustin Hoffman threatens Robin Williams with his hook hand.

29.The House Bunny (2008)

Tyson Ritter talks to Emma Stone and Anna Faris at a party

30.*In Bruges (2008)

Brendan Gleeson points a gun at Colin Farrell who points a gun at his own head

31.*In Her Shoes (2005)

Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette hold drinks at a party

32.Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Oscar Isaac stands up against a car that Garrett Hedlund is in

33.*The Insider (1999)

Al Pacino talks to Russell Crowe in a car

34.Jack and Jill (2011)

Adam Sandler dressed as a woman rides in a car with Adam Sandler dressed as a man

35.*Jaws (1975)

We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Jaws is such an iconic film that it’s really hard to find something new to say about it. It’s about a giant shark that starts eating people at the beach. Then the locals band together to try and kill the shark. It’s terrifying, and I wouldn’t recommend you watching if you have any sort of beach/lake/river rafting trip coming up in the next six months. Jaws is the film that put Steven Spielberg on the map. Its movie poster is legendary. I don’t know if we can attribute Shark Week to its success, but there’s an argument there. Really, it’s just one of those 25 movies that everyone should watch, and now it’s available on Amazon Prime, so get to it. Watch it now on Amazon Prime.   

36.Knives Out (2019)

Daniel Craig speaks while Ana de Armas sits on a knife chair behind him

37.The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019)

Jonathan Majors and Jimmie Fails stand on the roof of a house

38.The Last King of Scotland (2006)

Forest Whitaker stands dressed as Idi Amin

39.The Lighthouse (2019)

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattison stand outside a lighthouse

40.Man Made (2018)

Mason, a trans man, competes in a bodybuilding competition

41.Manchester by the Sea (2016)

Case Affleck and Lucas Hedges walk down a road

42.Marie Antoinette (2006)

Kirsten Dunst and Danny Huston sit at tea wearing pre-revolution French finery

43.Midsommar (2019)

Florence Pugh crying with a bunch of women surrounding her

44.*Moneyball (2011)

Brad Pitt watches baseball

45.My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)

Gordon Warnecke and Daniel Day-Lewis embrace partially undressed

46.*My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

Rupert Everett and Julia Roberts embrace in an airport

47.On the Waterfront (1954)

Eva Marie Saint talking with Marlon Brando

48.One Night in Miami (2020)

Leslie Odom Jr. performs as Sam Cooke

49.Pride (2014)

Imelda Staunton and Andrew Scott talk in a doorway

50.Rear Window (1954)

Grace Kelly and James Stewart look out a window with a pair of binoculars

51.Revolutionary Road (2008)

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio get cozy and laugh on a couch

52.Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, and Gemma Jones stand outside a house in regency clothes

53.Shooter (2007)

Mark Wahlberg aims a gun

54.Short Term 12 (2013)

Brie Larson sits beside LaKeith Stanfield

55.*Sideways (2004)

Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church drink wine

56.Sound of Metal (2019)

Riz Ahmed plays the drums shirtless

57.The Souvenir (2019)

Honor Swinton Byrne laughs with a birthday cake in front of her

58.Stop Making Sense (1984)

Tina Weymouth and David Byrne perform on stace

59.Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Gloria Swanson descends a staircase full of people

60.The Terminator (1984)

Arnold Schwarzenegger aims a machine gun

61.Time (2020)

Fox Rich sits at her desk

62.The Tomorrow War (2021)

Chris Pratt, Edwin Hodge, and Sam Richardson aim guns

63.The Truman Show (1998)

Jim Carrey holds a broken stage light

64.Vertigo (1958)

James Stewart hands Kim Novak a teacup

* Denotes title that has been newly added to Amazon Prime for August.

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