6 Things Celebrity Stylists Want You to Retire and Adopt for Fall

Anna LaPlaca
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Now that we can officially discuss all things fall without getting weird stares (hey, we like to be ahead of the curve, okay?), it's time to take inventory of the current state of our closets. Is there an overflow of summer sandals? Too few boots and sweaters? The temperatures are dropping rapidly, so we'd hate to miss out on the opportunity to bring our wardrobes up to speed for fall.

So to get some intel on which fall fashion trends to donate and which to replace them with, I reached out to celebrity stylists Britt Theodora and Aimée Croysdill. They shared the top three fall fashion trends they think are safe to put away for now or donate for good and, of course, which they recommend adding to your wardrobe. We couldn't agree more, which is why we're jumping at the chance to share the intel here to ensure that you and your clothing lineup are as prepped as possible going into this season. Their suggestions are merely that—suggestions—and these are by no means hard-and-fast rules for what to ditch and buy. Instead, take into consideration your own personal style when deciding whether these tips are for you.

Keep reading to find out the outdated styles, according to celebrity stylists, and then shop the new fall trends that will take their place.

Retire: Lingerie-Inspired Looks

Adopt: Nouveau Knits

"I think the lingerie-top-tucked-into-denim look is retiring for fall. I am obsessed with the look Katie Holmes was photographed wearing in NYC: a cashmere bralette and a cropped knit sweater with jeans. This fall, we will see a lot of cozy knits with lower necklines and subtler sexy moments." — Britt Theodora


Almina Concept Polo Wool Sweater ($128)

If you're looking for great-worthy knits, look no further than Almina Concept.

Mango Openwork Knit Top ($40)

Wear this with the matching knit shorts if you know what's good for you.

Pixie Market Chain Link Knit Bolero ($109)

The built-in chain is really sending me.

H&M Fitted Ribbed Dress ($40)

Retire: Square-Toed Sandals

Adopt: Square-Toed Boots

"Swap out your beloved summer square-toed, block-heeled sandals for these Topshop boots that look like they’ve been thrifted from a Parisian vintage store." — Aimée Croysdill


Topshop Hades Leather Red Boots ($170)

Croysdill recommends the expensive-looking pairs from Topshop.

Brother Vellies Lauryn Stamped Snake Boots ($795)

Snakeskin makes this pair even cooler.

Alohas East Boot in Burgundy ($335)

From the color to the knee-high silhouette and, of course, square toes, these check so many boxes.

Mango Squared Toe Leather Ankle Boots ($200)

The square-toe boots to end them all.

Retire: Designer Logo Bags

Adopt: Architectural Bags

"Tuck your designer handbags away in their dust bags in favor of quality design and architectural shaped bags from Yuzefi. It's like wearing a piece of art! No need for any other accessories." — Croysdill


Yuzefi Baguette Bag ($581)

Yuzefi's new bag shapes are making me drool.

Edas Maria in Manzanilla ($395)

Ooof, this shape.

Mango Seam Shopper Bag ($80)

A definite step up from your standard tote bag.

Gu_de Milky Bag ($750)

If this emerging (and editor-approved) brand isn't on your radar yet, it should be.

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