6 Telltale Signs That a Dog Clearly Loves Their Human

It's a bond like no other!

Have you ever wanted to know the clear signs that a dog loves its human? We all know dogs are known for their unwavering loyalty and affection towards their owners. They do not judge or hold grudges, and they offer us unconditional love and acceptance. They comfort us when we're having a lousy day, keep us company when we're binge watching our favorite TV shows, and just instinctually know when we need them to offer us a head butt or a lick on our cheek. Dogs are simply the best.

But how do we know the signs that a dog loves us as much as we love them? TikTok user @Digidax posted the following clip with six signs your dog loves its human.

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According to the above video, the signs are they hold eye contact, they lick you, they lean on you, they trust you enough to sleep facing away from you, they're always happy to see you and they lay on your clothes.

If you're getting a little weepy over this, you're not the only one! @D comments, "We don’t deserve dogs." @Danielle adds, "Okay I'm at work crying ....I wanna go home my baby needs me." @Heather replies, "I need to give my dog back the absolute love they give me! Thank you." @Jade says, "I'm so glad he loves me as much as I love him." The saddest comment comes from @TaraMoorehead who sadly says, "I just lost my dog today after 13 years. You’ll never find a love like a dogs." That is so true.

The bond you share with your canine companion is so precious, and should be treasured always. Dogs, we don't deserve them.

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