6 Precious Dachshunds All Lined Up for Their Bath Couldn't Possibly Be Sweeter

Shedara Weinsberg/Shutterstock

It’s bath time, and that means for one family, it’s time to line up the Dachshunds. They have six of them—and they line up perfectly for bath time. As they stand in line, all six of the dogs get sprayed off in the tub. It’s like an assembly line!

The assembly line of pups is perfectly planned and goes off without a hitch. The dogs all look so cute in the video, but we must admit, look a bit like deer in headlights! They might just be a little bit cold, but all of them look so serious in the video.

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These Dachshunds are all really well-trained to stay still for their bath. It’s incredible what the power of a couple dog treats can do! We really love these dogs and how they’re perfectly lined up.

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Throughout the bath, one of the dogs tends to stray a little bit, trying to escape the tub. But he eventually falls back into line.

These dogs are all ready to get soaped up and bathed, but the rest of that probably happened off camera. They’re sitting so obediently that they have to probably do this often. They definitely look ready to go!

Each of the dogs seems to blend into each other in the tub, a mix of short legs, tails, and paws. The different colors of the dogs is the only way to distinguish them from one another!

Bath time with dogs is usually a stressful time, but luckily, these pups are all trained and ready to be bathed. Such good pups deserve some treats after it’s all said and done.

Once the bath was done, they probably all waited patiently for the dog in front of them to be dried off. It probably took a while since there’s six of them. They are all really well behaved, luckily, and it wouldn’t take long before all of them were dried off.

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