6-Minute Video Meditation to Celebrate Your Wins

Recognize your successes

<p>Verywell Mind / Getty Images</p>

Verywell Mind / Getty Images

Getting Started

  • Find a quiet place to sit comfortably upright—at the edge of your bed, on the floor, or in a chair

  • Close your eyes and tune into the breath or another point of focus to be fully present

  • Relax your body—loosen your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and soften your brows

Celebrating our wins can feel unnatural—whether we just got that hard-earned promotion, threw together a successful event, or managed to get out of bed and go to work (yes, it's like that sometimes). After all, our brains are hardwired to focus on the negatives.

Sure, we might give ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done, but how often do we actually bask in the moment and think to ourselves, "Wow, I really did that!" Take a moment to think about how we show up for our best friends and try to give ourselves that same praise and recognition.

Advocating for yourself can release "happy chemicals" in your brain, which can connect the activity we're celebrating and the goodness we feel when we do so. As a bonus, it makes us more likely to repeat that behavior—and we're all for a simple motivation hack. Try this meditation to help you get into the practice of being your biggest cheerleader.


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