6 Menstrual Cup Cleansers That Will Take the Guesswork Out of Cleaning Your Cup

Victoria Moorhouse

You can put off tidying up your room, but properly cleaning your menstrual cup is one task you should never skip - and not just any soap or body wash will do.

To prevent vaginal irritation and issues, many menstrual cup brands typically recommend cleaning the period care product with mild, fragrance-free soap. Some brands mention this choice will also help protect the cup itself from damage.

While you certainly don't need a cleanser made specifically for menstrual cups, purchasing one could potentially help take the guesswork out of the soap selection process. That's where this roundup of menstrual cup cleansers (all from brands that also produce menstrual cups) comes into play.

As with any product designed for the vaginal area, you'll want to thoroughly read the cleanser's ingredients list before incorporating it into your routine, especially if you're prone to irritation. Getting the OK from your ob-gyn is also a good call.


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