6 Underrated And 6 Overrated Episodes Of Popular TV Shows

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Though art is subjective, you have to admit that certain TV episodes have gotten more than their fair share of love or hate.

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If you enjoyed or hated the episodes that appear on this list, then you're entitled to those opinions. Even so, let's try to look at these episodes from another point of view. Here is my list of six underrated (and six overrated) episodes of popular TV shows.

12.Overrated: "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" — Futurama

The Robot Devil with Fry and Bender in "Futurama"

This episode served as one of multiple series finales for Futurama, and many fans see it as the superior ending. Though this Emmy-nominated episode is funny and endearing, it doesn't work well as a conclusion to the series as a whole. Compared to the grander scope of "Meanwhile" and Into the Wild Green Yonder, this episode feels too self-contained and doesn't have as much of an impact for it to be considered a satisfying finale.

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11.Underrated: "Promortyus" — Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty in Gundam-style suits facing an army of Glorzos in "Rick and Morty"

Fans of Rick and Morty have taken fandom to new heights with almost every episode of the show. Even so, the episode "Promortyus" doesn't get the recognition it deserves. This story is rife with hilarious moments and political and philosophical commentary. It also shows Rick and Morty acknowledging the lives they ruined with their destructive tendencies, a trope that has been prevalent in many blockbuster movies.

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10.Underrated: "Basic Human Anatomy" — Community

Troy and Abed holding a DVD case of "Freaky Friday" in "Community"

The fourth season of Community has gotten such a bad rap over the years that many have overlooked the good parts of it. In particular, this episode in which Troy and Abed pretend to switch bodies in the style of Freaky Friday stands out as the season's best for its hilarious and unique approach to the body-switching genre. It also handled Troy and Britta's breakup in the bizarre and heartfelt manner that is pure Community.

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9.Overrated: "Valloweaster" — Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Holt in bunny costumes in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

While it's fun to see the cast go to great lengths to win the Halloween heist, you have to admit that this tradition has gone too far in this one. At this point, the heist has brought out the very worst in everyone. Amy fires a fake therapist to get information out of Jake, everyone brushes off the horrible states that Scully and Bill are in, and the ending where Rosa relishes watching everyone argue with each other is just horrible.

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8.Underrated: "Beard After Hours" — Ted Lasso

Coach Beard at a nightclub in "Ted Lasso"

While many people felt that this episode clashed with the rest of the series, that's exactly the point. The episode is supposed to be a dark but beautiful odyssey into the strange and turbulent life of Coach Beard. Blending Scorsese's After Hours with Dante's Divine Comedy, this episode is an emotionally cathartic journey as we see Beard overcome his depression in his own weird world.

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7.Overrated: "The Dinner Party" — The Office

Jan, Michael, Pam, and Jim standing in the former two's bedroom in "The Office"

I think we're all more afraid of Jan Levinson than Virginia Woolf after watching this episode. Many people consider this one of the best episodes of The Office, but when you go back to it, it's just too hard to watch. For a half-hour, the characters walk through a cloud of awkward tension so thick that not even Michael's St. Pauli sign could shine through it.

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6.Underrated: "The Great Divide" — Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara and Sokka watching Aang talk in "Avatar: The Last Airbender"

While many of this show's episodes have been well-received by fans and critics, many people agree that "The Great Divide" is the worst of them all. The argument is that the members of Team Avatar act out of character and that this one-off story was pointless, but it's not as bad as people think. The episode is still hilarious and entertaining, and it teaches an important lesson about petty arguments and understanding others. Also, Aang may have lied to resolve the conflict between two warring tribes, but it's not like he hasn't lied before.

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5.Overrated: "Good Times with Weapons" — South Park

Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny drawn as anime ninjas in "South Park"

While many people claim that this is one of the best episodes in the show, I have to agree with creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone when they first thought it wasn't that good. While it features a humorous concept and takes it to even more ridiculous heights, it's just awful to see how poor Butters is treated throughout this episode.

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4.Underrated: "The One with the Two Parties" — Friends

Joey kissing Mrs. Green with Ross, Chandler, Monica, and Rachel shield them from Mr. Green on "Friends"

It's strange how this episode isn't talked about more often. Following the divorce of her parents, Rachel and her friends try to keep them apart when they both unexpectedly show up for their daughter's birthday. So many sitcom shenanigans ensue as the group tries to manage their two parties, and the laughs only get greater as the story progresses (with the high point being Joey kissing Rachel's mom).

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3.Overrated: "Homer's Enemy" — The Simpsons

Frank Grimes talking with his back to Homer in "The Simpsons"

This episode has been repeatedly listed as one of the show's greatest due to how it presented Homer's world through a realistic lens. While Frank Grimes may not have been the most likable person as he antagonized Homer, he was still sympathetic due to his life struggle, making his tragic death all the more painful to watch. In the end, the episode went too far as everyone just forgets about his death as they all adore Homer's silly antics.

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2.Underrated: “The Iron Throne” — Game of Thrones

Dany with her dragon's wings opening up behind her in "Game of Thrones"

Let me get one thing clear: The ending to Game of Thrones wasn't bad; it just could've been executed better. Everyone was thrown off by Daenerys' turn to villainy and Bran becoming king, and yes, there could've been more buildup to these twists, but it actually makes sense once you think about it. And just by looking at the show's bold history of killing off major characters on a dime, we all knew the finale wouldn't please everyone. But despite the massive backlash that it received, "The Iron Throne" still has its merits and deserves a reappraisal.

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1.Overrated: "The Soup Nazi" — Seinfeld

The Soup Nazi standing in his shop in "Seinfeld"

Don't get me wrong, I love this episode. But it's purely for the titular character and not much else. The subplots in this episode are pretty forgettable, and George complaining about Jerry and Sheila's annoying "baby talk" is just as insufferable, and his attempts at getting back at them are pretty pathetic, even for him. While actor Larry Thomas stole the show as the Soup Nazi, this left the rest of the episode feeling a bit too hollow.

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Do you agree with this list? Are there any other overrated/underrated episodes that I missed?