6 Easter Items You Should Buy At Target Now—They Won't Stay In Stock For Long!

target store
target store

Easter is quickly approaching, so if you haven’t started filling your Easter basket, now’s the time! Target has so many different Easter-themed items, from food and candy to stuffies and toys, and they won’t be in stock for long! Keep reading for six of our favorite Easter products at Target.

1. White & Dark Chocolate Easter Sundae M&Ms

While jelly beans may seem like the obvious choice to fill Easter eggs with, the chocolate-y deliciousness of M&Ms should not be ignored—especially when there’s an Easter Sundae flavor! This new take on the classic candy gives you the best of both worlds, chocolate-wise. Grab a bag or two while you can, because they’re selling out quick!

One user took to Instagram to share that they’ve “already bought them twice—the combo is great!” and it’s not even Easter yet!

2. Peeps Easter Rabbit Plushies

Peeps and Easter are somewhat synonymous, meaning you can’t go shopping for Easter items without purchasing a Peep of some variety. After that study from years back that discovered Peeps are made with cancer-causing dyes, the fluffy marshmallow candies have been absent from Easter baskets, but that doesn’t mean Peeps have to be. You can get these 17-inch multi-colored Peeps plushies from Target, and they’re absolutely adorable! Who needs marshmallows that’ll be gone with one swallow when you can have a cute plushy to sit on your bed forever!

3. Easter Egg Wreathes

Nothing says Happy Easter like a pastel-colored Easter egg wreath to hang on your door. Especially if you’re hosting an Easter brunch or dinner, you’ll want to grab one of these multi-colored wreathes from Target—they’re only $15! The perfect decor addition to your home that you can use year after year, you’ll want to grab one of these before they’re out of stock, because Easter decor is flying off of shelves at Target!

4. Easter Bunny Stacker Toy

Looking for a fun Easter-themed toy to fill an Easter basket with? Your toddler will love this Easter Bunny Stacker Toy. A 6-piece wooden toy that’s small enough for toddler hands to hold onto and big enough to not be a choking hazard, this toy is already flying off of shelves. The biggest piece of the stacker toy looks like a jumping bunny, and 5 arch-shaped pastel-colored pieces fit perfectly underneath.

One user took to Instagram to share that “bought this and the wooden matching eggs. They are a hit!” Stock up while you can!

5. Glass Easter Bunny Jars

If you’re the kind of person that loves to have a jar of candy out on the counter at all times, this Easter item is perfect for you. Simple glass jars with adorably white bunny ears on the lid, these jars are the perfect aesthetic Easter decoration to add to a minimalist or neutral household. Fill them with jelly beans, M&Ms, or any snack you like and set it out on the counter. The lids have an airtight seal, so nothing inside will get stale.

These can be found in the dollar section at Target, which unfortunately means they will sell out quick—how couldn’t they at such a great price of $5!

6. Easter Bunny Purses

If you have a high-fashion Easter egg hunter, grab one of these adorable Easter bunny purses from Target and replace their Easter basket! With a baby pink strap, bunny ears, and a cute bunny face, these purses are the perfect accessory to your daughter’s Easter Sunday best. Social media users are already sharing how excited they are to add it to their kids’ Easter basket, so if you’ve had your eye on one for a while, this is your sign to grab one while you still can!