6 Chic Travel-Friendly Accessories for Spring

It’s a given that we here at Yahoo Travel love to hit the road. But what do we love almost as much? Accessories. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. So here are six spring accessories that are not only fashionable, but make globetrotting a little bit easier. 

1. Christys’ Crown “Stanton” crocheted raffia big brim fedora sunhat, $24-$74


(Photo: Christys’ Hats)

Spring vacay just begs for a hat. The problem is, hats are so hard to travel with. Unless you’re content with a baseball cap, or you want to wear it on the plane, it’s impossible to keep a hat from being crushed in your luggage. Enter the crushable raffia fedora. This amazing hat is not only cute, but you can smash it into your carry-on without ruining its shape.

2. Speakeasy Supply Co. travel scarf, $52


(Photo: Beers and Beans)

A scarf is always a must-have — changing climates make layering a key tool to comfortable traveling. But this one takes it up a notch: It has a roomy zipped pocket to stash important stuff you want to keep close, like your passport, phone, lipstick, etc. 

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3. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Quilted Affair’ Fanny Bag, $195


(Photo: Shopbop)

Yes, the fanny pack just got cool. And this one does double duty — it also has a shoulder strap that converts it into a mini cross-body bag. Perfect for chic, hands-free storage that easily goes from day to night.

4. Adidas by Stella McCartney ‘Iconic Big Bag,’ $250


(Photo: Shopbop)

A big bag to serve as your personal item when flying is essential. This one is also great as your main weekend bag, because it has a special zip pocket at the bottom for an extra pair of shoes, away from your other clothes. Plus, the over-the-shoulder bag converts into a rucksack, with straps tucked away in hidden compartments. 

5. This Is Ground mod mobile wallet, $200


(Photo: This Is Ground)

Travel life is so much easier when you can keep everything you need at your fingertips, in one place. This mega wallet has space for your money, credit cards, passport, headphones, and it even has a slot for your smartphone on the back (iPhone 6 Plus and smaller models fit).

6. Yosi Samra ‘Samantha’ foldable ballet flats, $72


They’re cute, they’re versatile (dress them up or down), they’re supercomfortable to walk in, and they’re easy to pack. 

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