6 Calming Plants That Will Add Some Serenity to Your Home Office

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There's a common misconception that working from home is more relaxing than working from an office building, but if you were thrust into remote work when the pandemic hit, it's probably been less than serene. Your kitchen table may no longer be a quiet place to enjoy your morning coffee, but instead your new conference room for video calls. Your couch, once reserved for unwinding at the end of a long day, may have become your new desk. And even if you're lucky enough to have a home office, you're probably still feeling the strain of keeping up with your workload.

Adding a few calming plants is a budget-friendly and easy way to add a little tranquility to your workspace. The American Psychological Association published a study in 2014 that proved plants can up workplace productivity by as much as 15 percent and reduce the dreaded afternoon slump by diminishing fatigue. The color green can also help to increase creative thinking, so having a plant on your desk before your next big project could help get your mental energy flowing.

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The best calming plant for your home office (or wherever you're working) depends on the amount of space and light you have. These six plants from ProFlowers all are believed to have relaxation-inducing qualities. Shop them below.

Lemon Cypress Tree

Place this lemon cypress tree by your desk in place of a candle. Cypress essential oils are popular in aromatherapy because their relaxing scent can help alleviate respiratory issues (such as coughing), calm inflammation, reduce anxiety, and relieve sore or cramped muscles. This tiny tree only gets about 3 feet tall, so it's easy to fit into even small office spaces. It needs watering about once a week, or whenever the soil is dry to the touch. And put it by a brightly lit window, because it requires six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily.

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Peaceful White Garden

This indoor planter includes a mix of calming green foliage plants, a kalanchoe, and a peace lily, which symbolizes solitude, serenity, and of course, peace. The white blooms further enhance the tranquil display. Place this mini garden in bright but indirect light and water whenever the soil surface feels dry.

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Crassula Jade Succulent

A little luck never hurts for avoiding stress. The crassula jade succulent is thought to bring good fortune and wealth to its owner, and it's known to increase humidity levels (which can help kill airborne viruses). This 6- to 8-inch-tall plant comes in a black textured pot. Grow your jade plant in indirect sunlight and only water once the soil is completely dry.

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Silver Satin Pothos & Macrame Plant Hanger

Studies suggest that pothos plants can give off a calming effect and even help to alleviate eye irritation from too many hours staring at a screen. Plus, pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to care for because it will grow in very little sunlight and doesn't need a lot of pampering. This silver satin pothos has pretty patterned leaves and comes in a terracotta pot. The handmade macrame hanger and included metal hook allow you to enjoy this plant without it taking up limited desk space.

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Juniper Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is the closest thing to bringing the outdoors inside. Resulting from the ancient Chinese practice of growing trees on a miniature scale in small containers, this juniper bonsai tree grows 6-10 inches high and requires plenty of sunlight. While the plant itself has some healing properties (it's been shown to help cure fatigue, coughs, and sore throats), the real stress-relieving benefits come from caring for the tree; bonsai can be a relaxing hobby that helps put you in touch with nature.

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Tower Succulents Trio

Spiky-looking succulents may not intuitively feel calming or peaceful, but they actually do have a host of benefits. They contribute humidity and oxygen to the air for a more relaxing environment, and can improve your memory and focus. Also, they're perfect for just about any brightly-lit office space because they don't need much room to grow. This on-trend trio of succulents come in stylish black, white, and gray matte containers.

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