The 12 Best Razors for Men to Get That Perfect Clean, Smooth Shave

Garrett Munce
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Photo credit: John Fedele/ Getty
Photo credit: John Fedele/ Getty

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Shaving is a minefield. The moment you take a sharp blade to your face, you run the risk of a seemingly endless list of possible problems: cuts, nicks, razor burn, ingrown hairs. I could go on, but you know what I’m talking about.

Getting an effective shave takes patience, experience, technique, and of course, the right equipment. Starting with your razor. Using a good razor puts you light years ahead of the game. But knowing what is the right razor for you is hard, thanks to an avalanche of options out there.

And there are debates, oh the debates. Some people say more blades give you a better shave; others say the more blades you use, the more you are prone to irritation and ingrown hairs. Some people say electric razors are the way to go; others swear by single-use disposables. There are traditionalists, who favor old school techniques, and modernists who lean toward technology. Not to mention subscription shaving clubs who say we’ve been duped into paying higher prices for drugstore brands for years.

Where you fall on the debate is a personal decision. Everyone’s skin is different and therefore, so are our shaving needs. No matter what razor you use, always make sure it’s sharp (switch it after a few uses), since a dull razor wreaks havoc on your face no matter what kind it is. Don’t shave too fast, even when you’re pressed for time, because that’s when we end up gushing blood. And always shave after a shower, when facial hair is at its softest and easiest to cut.

The razor you choose comes down to your personal preference and what your skin’s needs are. Check out the 12 best razors for every man.

Best All-Around Razor

The new Gillette Heated Razor has turned the warm barbershop shave into a chargeable, heatable cartridge razor that softens the hair while it shaves.

Best Budget Razor

It’s hard to beat the price on this simple-yet-effective razor, but we included it on this list because it also works. There are five blades that give you a close shave anywhere you use it, which also makes it the best razor for legs if that’s what you’re looking for.

Best Cartridge Razor

While you’ve been reading this story, Harry’s has quietly taken over the world with their well-priced, easy-to-get razors. Yes, their razors are inexpensive, but they also work. Really work. They’re classic multi-blade cartridges, the kind every man in the modern age is used to, and work well for all kinds of skin types. And since they’re inexpensive, it’s easier to change them out more often to keep them sharp.

Best Disposable Razor For Anywhere

These three-blade disposable razors give you a super-close shave on your face, but the innovative pivoting head glides over contours easily. It gives an equally good shave on other places of your body like your head or chest.

Best Disposable Razor

These razors make a case for the beauty of classics. There are two blades and no bells and whistles. Pop a couple in your dopp kit for when you want a close shave on the go without lugging around extra cartridges.

Best Electric Razor For Anywhere

The beauty of this electric razor-trimmer hybrid is that you can use it for literally any look on anywhere you want to shave. It gives a close, clean shave on both your face and body, but also comes with length guards if you want to keep some length.

Best Safety Razor

Making the switch to a safety razor can mean less ingrown hairs and post-shave irritation, but it can also be scary. The blades on this razor easily snap on and you’re able to adjust the length of the blade, which can make the transition easier and less painful.

Best Razor To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

The thinking behind the resurgence of the safety razor is that a single blade actually won’t give you as close of a shave as a multi-blade razor, which is important for anyone who deals with ingrown hairs and razor bumps, since shaving too close can actually make it easier for stubble to get caught in your skin. Bevel’s perfectly-weighted safety razor makes it easy to make the transition and is especially good for those who’ve never used one before to learn on, without shredding their necks.

Best Men's Razor for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin or are already prone to irritation, shaving can become a special kind of hell. This new Gillette razor has a special guard on the blade, which prevents it from shaving too close and thus causing irritation, but doesn’t sacrifice efficacy. You still get a pretty close shave (though not baby smooth) without the rash.

Best Electric Razor

An electric razor that doesn’t pull or irritate your skin, even during the adjustment period? Yes, please! You can use this one for both wet and dry shaving with minimal irritation and the cool charging pad will even charge your iPhone.

Best Green Razor

This razor has a removable bamboo handle and metal parts, and features recycled packaging. And it shaves as well as any other razor.

Best Gillette Razor

The classic Mach3 is like the Goldilocks of razors—it has three blades, which is enough to give you a close shave, but not too many that the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs increases exponentially.

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