8 Deals You Won’t Want To Miss At Sam’s Club This Month

Looking to save a few dollars on your favorite items this month? Sam’s Club is the place to go. Whether you need essentials like toilet paper and tissues or just want to stock up on the tastiest snacks (hello Pop-Tarts!) there’s a Sam’s Club discount you’ll want to take advantage of this month. Find six of the best ones below so you know exactly what to look for in the warehouse. Happy shopping!

1. Pop-Tarts

Nothing hits quite like a warm, toasty Pop-Tart fresh out of the toaster. And the only thing that could make your favorite flavor taste even better is being able to save a few bucks on it. Luckily, that's exactly the case at Sam's Club this month. There are all sorts of Pop-Tart discounts to take advantage of! Options like Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts, the Pop-Tarts Variety Pack, and the Pop-Tarts Chocolate Variety Pack (we see you, chocoholics) will all be knocked down by $2. Hallelujah!

2. Hidden Valley Ranch

We know it isn't the best thing to overindulge in for your health—but we can't help it. Who doesn't love ranch dressing? And as far as the best of the best goes, it's hard to compete with Hidden Valley Ranch. If you're a Hidden Valley fiend like we are, you'll be happy to hear that there's a sale on your favorite ranch at Sam's Club this February. Whether you're stocking up for the Super Bowl or just need to replenish your supply, you can get $2.50 off of Sam's Club packs of two 40oz bottles this month. Plus, Hidden Valley's Original Ranch Salad Dressing and Seasoning Mix is also $2.50 off. Perfect for all those game day recipes!

3. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Toilet paper: We all need it. It always helps to stock up in bulk at the Sam's Club warehouse so you don't have to worry about running out. Charmin Ultra Strong is among the best, high-quality choices out there—but it's definitely not the cheapest option around. Luckily, Sam's Club has you covered with a discount this month. Packs of 32 rolls are discounted by $4. Not bad at all! Especially when "less is more."

4. Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches

When you're craving a quick, easy breakfast with a decent amount of protein to get you through your morning, Jimmy Dean sandwiches are a great option. These tasty frozen breakfasts are totally crave-worthy, and you can pick up a few varieties at a discount right now. Sam's Club is offering $2 off Jimmy Dean's Crispy Chicken Honey Biscuits and Jimmy Dean Delights Ciabatta Sandwiches. Why not get both? (P.S. Costco has a great Starbucks breakfast sandwich copycat you may be interested in, too.)

5. Silk Unsweetened Original Almond Milk

There are a number of reasons to enjoy non-dairy milk, whether you have a dairy intolerance, are watching your weight, or even just enjoy the taste. And as far as almond milk goes, Silk has some of the best varieties around. This month, you can stock up on their unsweetened original almond milk at Sam's Club for a discount. It's available in packs of 3 half-gallon cartons for $2 off.

6. Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues

Got the sniffles? You're definitely not alone. While it's important to take measures to keep yourself healthy this cold and flu season, it's also important to ensure you have everything you need to battle those sickly days. Tissues are definitely somewhere at the top of the list—and Puffs Plus Lotion is just about the best of the best. You can grab a pack from Sam's Club for a discount of $2.50 this February.

7. Frozen Pizzas

No time to cook up dinner? No sweat! Frozen pizzas are so simple and so tasty—and they're on sale at Sam's Club this month. And we're not just talking about generic options; fan favorites like DiGiorno and 12 packs of Red Baron's Frozen Deep Dish Pizza Singles will both be available at discounts of $3. So stock up and throw 'em in the freezer—they'll definitely come in handy.

8. Campbell's Soup

No food is quite as comforting as some good old soup. Whether you're sick with the cold or flu or simply looking for something to warm you from the inside out during the colder months, Campbell's should be a winter staple in your kitchen. Luckily, Sam's Club is making it easy to stock up on this beloved brand. You can get both their Condensed Chicken Noodle Soup and their Condensed Tomato Soup for $2 off this month. The best part? The warehouse sells them in 12-packs, so you can keep a steady supply in your pantry.