6 Awkward Details About Donald And Ivanka Trump's Relationship

Nicole Bradley-Bernard
6 Awkward Details About Ivanka Trump's Relationship With Donald Trump
6 Awkward Details About Ivanka Trump's Relationship With Donald Trump

The second eldest of President Trump’s children, Ivanka Trump, is well known due to her success as a model, her inclusion in his company, her guest appearances on The Apprentice, and her full support of her father’s presidential campaign.

Not only do her and her father work so closely together, but she was the one to introduce him at the Republican National Convention. She has even been called the “chosen one” in reference to his affection for her.

I wont lie, I frequently confused Ivanka for Mr. Trump’s wife when he was first running for president (yep. That’s how much faith I had in him being with age-appropriate women *wink, wink*). So, to me, it’s not surprising in the least that there are several things about their relationship that are just borderline awkward.

Regardless of how you feel about the president or what you believe about his relationships, there is no denying that Donald Trump's relationship with Ivanka is a tad on the uncomfortable side.

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Check out these 6 things about Donald and Ivanka Trump’s relationship that are just a bit awkward:

1. He’s frequently made creepy comments about Ivanka’s appearance (even in front of her).

As seen above, Trump has made remarks about how he’d “perhaps date” Ivanka if he wasn’t her father. But, this wasn’t the only time he made inappropriate remarks about Ivanka’s appearance (even though it does seem to be the one that got the most media attention).

According to the Independent, when Ivanka hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant in 1997 Trump reportedly turned to the then Miss Universe and said, “Don’t you think my daughter is hot?” Um. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that interaction was?

Then, in 2004, he gave Howard Stern permission to call her a “piece of [sic]” (dad of the year award, right?). And, he has also been reported to have called her “voluptuous” in another interview with Stern in 2006 after being asked if she had received breast implants.

The creepiness continued into 2015 during an interview for Rolling Stone, when Trump commented on Ivanka saying, “she's really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren't happily married and, ya know, her father . . .’” Uh. Then, WHAT?! Gross.

While these remarks may be innocent and just the president’s way of being “brutally honest”, I think it’s still safe to say that he makes most people uncomfortable with how often he has implied that fatherhood is the only thing keeping him from trying to sleep with Ivanka (ick).

2. She is his “favorite child.”

In a 2015 20/20 interview, Trump’s other children (Donald Jr., Eric, and Tiffany) all seem to think that Ivanka is his favorite.

3. She’s his favorite daughter.

While it’s debatable whether Ivanka makes the top of the “favorite child” list in Donald Trump’s eyes, he has made it pretty clear that she is at least his favorite daughter. According to Bravo, Trump has actually admitted that he prefers Ivanka to Tiffany (his other daughter). While he says he loves both of his daughters, he has made it clear that Ivanka is his favorite “little girl”.

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4. Ivanka wishes her father took better care of himself.

According to People Magazine, Ivanka wishes that her father would eat better (pointing to his love of the fast food chains like McDonalds). She also says that she wished he would “slow down”. Although she did mention that “it’s the only speed he knows” and that “[she] kind of love[s] that about him.” This daughter’s love is clearly unwavering.

5. Ivanka seems resolved to support her father.

From being “proud to be a Trump” from such a young age and modeling her career after him (outside of modeling, of course) to being called one of her father’s “most trusted advisors” and standing up for his unfortunate comments against women, it is clear that there must not be much the president can do to get her to stop backing him up. She's kind of stuck to him now with everything she’s put into the campaign and her career alongside him.

6. She isn’t bitter about the lack of his presence growing up.

According to Bravo, although Trump wasn’t home every night (or, very often at all probably), Ivanka claimed that “he always made us his top priority” and she doesn’t seem to harbor any negative feelings towards him despite him not always being “physically present.” Again, not surprising considering she is modeling her life after his.

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