At 58, Paulina Porizkova Stuns in ‘Sexy’ Then and Now Plunging Swimsuit Pics

paulina porizkova wears brown and black spotted dress smiling at meteor meet the moment summit
Paulina Porizkova Shares Then and Now Swimsuit PicCraig Barritt - Getty Images
  • Paulina Porizkova posted stunning then and now swimsuit photos side-by-side to Instagram.

  • She also shared her thoughts on the new Sports Illustrated cover, featuring Martha Stewart.

  • Fans sounded off in the comments.

Paulina Porizkova never fails to amaze her followers with stunning content and powerful messaging. Now, in an iconic side-by-side comparison, Porizkova is sharing two swimsuit photos: one from 1984 and the other from 2019.

In the two photos, Porizkova looks incredibly toned wearing similar one-piece swimsuits, striking a pose for various photoshoots. The star posted the snaps in the wake of Martha Stewart’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, taking the opportunity to share her thoughts on the matter with her followers.

Martha Stewart is one of the four covers of this year’s [Sports Illustrated]. At 81, she’s making history as the oldest woman to be a bathing suit pinup,” Porizkova wrote in the photo’s comments. She also called attention to another woman who made the cut for the magazine’s edition: “Padma Lakshmi is another gorgeous, powerful, intelligent woman featured inside at 52. And of course, I love it!”

She continued: “We’re finally having a bit of a spotlight on us seasoned women, showing us as vibrant and sexy!” Then, her tone shifted to share an equally important message, noting how much younger all these women look, “Which still tells the rest of us that to be seen as beautiful at our age, we better not actually look our age.”

But just because she’s open about her thoughts on aging doesn’t mean she’s done learning. “This keeps poking at me, and I can’t quite figure out how to navigate these waters,” wrote Porizkova. “I’m so happy we are finally invited back to the main tables, but we’re expected to show up looking like our daughters.”

Despite her mixed feelings about the expectations of women’s looks at a certain age, she’s still celebrating the opportunity for older women to be included in such moments. “I am offering my sincerest admiration to these incredibly aspirational women who make age look like anything they want and are living their best lives, sexy, vibrant, and seasoned,” she wrote.

She concluded the caption with the hashtags “#sexyhasnoexpirationdate” and “#olderisbolder.”

Her followers loved her candor. Many fans commented that they felt similarly: “Thank you for this. I have mixed emotions about the visibility these women are receiving (wonderful!) AND that there’s still such an obsession with how (young) they look.”

Another fan wrote: “I think if you have your health, you’re doing great. That is my barometer.”

Like her followers, Porizkova continues to delight us with her thoughts on aging, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll post next.

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