51 People Who Said, "That Is Not My Job," And Did The Absolute Bare Minimum Instead

·5 min read

1. This person who really miscalculated:

2. The installer of the world's most useless door:

3. This painter who doesn't do pest control:

4. Whoever poured this asphalt and said, "My ass is NOT at fault":

5. This sultry subtitler:

6. This person who's probably pretty bad at those matching games for kids:

7. Whoever decided no extra context was needed here:

8. This forgetful photographer:

9. This person who didn't understand the assignment:

10. This painter who didn't see a problem here:

11. Whoever got a little too creative with their sticker placement:

12. This superrr chill boss:

13. This painter who didn't want to disturb the plant:

14. This person who should've thought of another number:

15. The designer who approved this message:

16. Whoever installed this stove:

17. This person who doesn't care about privacy:

18. This painter who better hope they don't get punched:

19. The creator of the world's scariest stairs:

20. This person who is a fan of their own work:

21. This person who paved their way to failure:

22. Whoever was in charge of casting that day:

23. This person who said, "I'll get to it," but then didn't:

24. This person who turned these cones into part of the landscape:

25. This person who probably knows these buttons don't do anything anyway:

26. Whoever approved this in stores:

27. This person who you definitely want as your boss:

28. Whoever was in charge of stocking shelves that day:

29. This failed graphic designer:

30. This person who really stuck to the template:

31. This person who opted for pure honesty:

32. This person who definitely got fired:

33. The world's laziest translator:

34. The person who almost got the pattern correct:

35. This brick layer who plays by their own rules:

36. This store that decided to let customers do their job:

37. Whoever was on "bike lane" duty that day:

38. The previous owners who gave no shits:

39. This person who either made an unfortunate mistake, or honored a really funny final wish:

40. This person who better hope they don't get sued:

41. This person, who at least has the spirit:

42. Whoever installed or design ANY of this shit:

43. The person behind this innovative yet upsetting solution:

44. This person who just really loves biking:

45. Whoever was brave enough to try this solution:

46. This person, who apparently did not have their own "light bulb moment":

47. This advertiser that forgot how to use their words:

48. Whoever installed this counterintuitive countertop:

49. The person who was in charge of this pipe placement:

50. Whoever installed this rail fail:

51. Finally, this person who gives no shits about appearances:

Oof. Well thanks, r/NotMyJob, for making me feel a whole lot better about my own laziness.