Your 501® Story

It’s little wonder that art manifests itself through so many vehicles. Inspired by triumphs or scars, laughter or tears, art is as diverse as the experiences that inform them. This reality was the catalyst for PhotoVogue’s conception twelve years ago. As the preeminent platform that embraces various visual mediums–and as a creative community where anyone, from anywhere, can express themselves–PhotoVogue curates a pool of internationally diverse, boundary-pushing image makers and elevates the most interesting stories shared through contemporary photography.

Like photography, fashion has long been a blank canvas for individuality. This is especially true for Levi’s® 501®, the jean that has been lived in and worn across the world, transcending borders, cultures, languages and generations.

That’s why, in celebration of 150 years of the 501® and in honor of the shared spirit of self expression, PhotoVogue and Levi’s® are partnering on a global open call to emerging visual storytellers. Oftentimes, it’s the everyday moments that have an unexpected lasting impact. As the lived-in uniform shared by millions of changemakers, icons and originals, the original blue jean has been a key part of our ever-evolving stories. *__Your 501® Story __*asks PhotoVogue’s talented community of visual artists to share what the 501® jean means to them.

The submissions will be evaluated by five esteemed jurors, all experts in their own right from the international fashion and photography community. (Stay tuned for the announcement of the jury).

How to submit:

We are looking for artists to express their 501® story through any form of visual imagery, and anyone at least 18 years old can apply. While artists are encouraged to express their artistic freedom, Levi’s® 501® jeans–be it vintage, new, personalised, etc–must be included in the imagery. Both unpublished work or photos/videos taken for an already published editorial are allowed. All submissions must comply with PhotoVogue’s Submission Amendment

The open call will run on Picter and via Instagram - IG posts *must* include #YOUR501STORY and tag @PhotoVogue - from MARCH 8 until APRIL 19 and submitting will be completely free of charge. There are no limits to creativity; the important thing is that the project expresses your vision and your unique point of view.

If your image or project is selected to be published on our platform in relation to the PhotoVogue x Levi’s® Open Call, you will be compensated with a fee of $250 USD.

Two participants–a photographer and/or video maker–deemed by our international panel to have submitted the two most significant and interesting projects will receive a cash grant (a total of $10,000 USD), offered and paid by Levi’s®, that can be used by the photographer and/or video maker to further their artistic endeavours and growth, which includes embarking on new photography and audio-visual projects.


WHAT YOU CAN SUBMIT (please read carefully this section on the Picter page because we have some important requirements).

You can submit PHOTOS and VIDEOS as below:

1 PhotoStory of max 8 photographs
or/and 1 set of 8 single images
or/and 1 video
File Types: MP4 and JPEG/PNG

Dimensions: 1080x1080 (1x1), (1080x1350) 4x5 and/or 5x4 (1350x1080)
Maximum File Size: Stills under 1MB, Videos no longer than: 15 seconds max length (no audio, max size 15MB & MP4)
Must be photo or visual video asset - not illustration or collage

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