50 Words People Say Differently That Will Have You Sounding Them Out Aloud

The English language is finicky, and in no way is this more obvious than when it comes to the different ways people pronounce words. The words people say differently often depend on where they're from—and sometimes the debate about which dialect is correct can get heated! Take a breath before reading these 50 words people say differently, and get ready to either argue or crack up (or both).

No matter what side you're on, exploring the different pronunciations of words like "tomato" and "adult" is fascinating (and good for a laugh.)

From common words like "been" to the less common "handkerchief" this list of 50 words with different pronunciations will have you sounding the words out aloud. You might be surprised at what you find!

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50 Words People Say Differently

1. Tomato


2. Horror


3. Data


4. Pecan


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5. Apricot


6. Leisure


7. Handkerchief


8. Adult


9. Realtor


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10. Often


11. Our


12. Either


13. Bagel


14. Crayon


15. Been


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16. Aunt


17. Picture


18. Tour


19. Caramel


20. Celtic


21. Syrup


22. New Orleans

-New Ohr-Lihnz
-New Ohr-Leenz

23. Almond


24. Cauliflower


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25. Oregon


26. Coupon


27. Mauve


28. Jewelry


29. Pajamas


30. Envelope


31. Groceries


32. Sherbet


33. Foyer


34. Caribbean


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35. Drawer


36. Florida


37. Poem


38. Privacy


39. Schedule


40. Tournament


41. Museum


42. Flourish


43. Miracle


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44. Et cetera


45. GIF


46. Mischievous


47. Route


48. Salmon


49. Coyote


50. Mirror


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