People Are Sharing The Childhood Experiences We've All Had And It's Freaky How Spot On They Are


1.Those old soda logos on a vending machine:

old school vending machine

2.Walking into Blockbuster and feeling the endless possibilities:

blockbuster aisle

3.That unmistakable crayon smell:


4.The feeling of holding that orange tape and knowing you were in for a treat:

orange vhs tape

5.The amazing smell of a freshly opened can of Play-Doh:

6.Seeing the world in Ruler-Vision:

ruler held up to eyes to see the world through it

7.These tongue destroyers:


8.Pouring out some cereal and getting a dusty lil' prize:

prize inside a cereal box

9.Drawing hair exactly like this:

funny representation of how kids draw hair

10.The sticky, vinyl-y surface of these lawn chairs:

11.That one ball:

purple inflatable ball

12.Clipping your mouth shut for some reason:

clip on a mouth

13.Those ol' crinkly insides of a VHS tape case:

VHS tape case

14.A little toilet paper ice cream:

15.That field trip air:

tweet reading the air in the mornings of field trips used to hit different

16.Getting a "smoking" habit:

fake smoking with cold air

17.Burning the hell out of your arm on an old car astray:

car cigarette tray

18.Setting the TV to channel 3 just to watch movies:

static filled channel 3

19.Those cardboard blocks you built architectural wonders with:

20.Making the perfect mix:

burned cd

21.How futuristic see-through designs used to seem:

see-through products

22.Stabbing the life out of an eraser:

23.Reading the lyrics and being amazed:

lyric book

24.Racing those drops:

racing rain drops

25.The original fidget spinner:

bird balanced on a finger

26.Trying to see the impossible:

trying to see the fridge light turn off and on

27.Pouring yourself a "shot":

water bottle pouring into a cap

28.The devastation of losing the top:

detatcchable pen parts

29.The nonautomatic struggle:

car window roller

30.Spending time doing this in the middle of class:

kid rolling up the straps on a backpack

31.Sticking your fingers into these tables for no reason:

32.The yellowy inside of an old Subway:

33.The cause of your very first cavity:

Caramel apple pops

34.Playing video games on the greasiest controllers in the universe:

mcdonalds gaming kiosk

35.That ancient alarm clock that just appeared in old people's bedrooms:

old school arm clock

36.Getting change from this exact machine:

change machine

37.Those supercharged chairs:

blue chair

38.Spending way too long flipping through posters you never bought:

39.Running your finger along this part of the wall while bored in school:

40.These sweet aromas:

41.Drawing this exact sun in the corner of every drawing you made:

42.The commercial that played all day long on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network:

zoo books commercial

"Scientifically accurate illustrations!"

43.Delicious, star-shaped toothpaste:

star-shaped toothpaste

44.That mystical "ball room" in the back of every elementary school gym:

Truly a magical place.

Truly a magical place.

45.Playing the comb:

person rubbing their hand on a comb
Idea4granted / Via

46.Waiting days for your pictures to develop, only to find out they were all of your thumb:

disposable camera

47.The pungent smell of pencil shavings in the morning:

48.Seeing this before a movie and knowing you were in for a treat:

49.Trying to achieve the impossible:

3 color pen

50.And the only thing worse than stepping on a Lego:

butterfly clips

Well, maybe not.