52 Best Gift Ideas for the Mother-in-Law Who Has Everything

Plenty of personalized options that are sure to please.

Gift giving is stressful even when buying for those you know best: siblings, friends, grandparents… Trying to find something that they don’t already have, that speaks to your unique relationship, that they’ll actually enjoy, and that fits within your spending budget? Mother-in-law shopping should be an Olympic sport!

Of course, you can always ask her what she needs or wants for the holidays, but that approach lacks serendipity and individuality. Scouring the net for something that she would find valuable, though, could take days. Shopping for that special something to give the person who brought your partner into the world should feel celebratory, not anxiety-inducing.

To make the process a bit more pleasant, we’ve rounded up 50 of our favorite gifts that will fit your budget as well as a range of tastes. Say goodbye to shopping stress after checking out these present ideas! You may even be tempted to add a few to your own list by the time you’re through.

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52 Best Mother-in-Law Gift Ideas

1. Spa Gift Set, $71.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

What better feeling to evoke with your gift than one of bliss? This 5-piece set is sure to do just that, as the name suggests, with shower gel, body lotion and slippers and a robe included. Frieda & Joe 5-Piece Spa Gift Set, $75, Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Popcorn & Movie Night Gift Set, $87 at Knack

Gift your cinephile mother-in-law a film-tastic present this year with this movie lover gift set. Including popcorn, popcorn seasoning and a popcorn maker for the perfect movie snack, the Cinephile card game and the viral movie-based cookbook Eat What You Watch, she’s sure to enjoy it for years to come. Popcorn & Movie Night Set, $87, Knack

3. New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes, $14.99 on Amazon

For the unpredictable home chef, this book is a great addition to her kitchen. Experimenting shouldn’t have to include a measuring cup, and this book gives the reader free rein over the recipe—offering guidance and inspiration. 'New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes' Cookbook, $14.99, Amazon

4. The Jag 2023 Planner, $32 at Papier

The ideal present for the woman who always seems to be running around, this planner set will help your mother-in-law become a little better coordinated. Hopefully, she’ll be able to fit you into what’s bound to be a bustling schedule! The Jag 2023 Planner, $32, Papier

5. Filter Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art, $50 at Minted

Pick the best photos that your mother-in-law will love (go through her Facebook uploads and grab some there, too!), upload them to Minted, arrange them via this beautiful heart-shaped poster, pick what style and color frame you want, approve the proof, and you get a holiday or Mother's Day present she will sure cherish forever. Filter Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art, $50, Minted

6. Monthly Book Subscription Box, $44 at Etsy

For the book-loving matriarch, this subscription service allows her to pick out what genre of book she likes to read and get delivered a handpicked title every month—along with coffee or tea (whichever she prefers) and a tasty bar of chocolate. It's the gift that keeps on giving! BookBrews Subscription Box, $130 for 3 months, Etsy

7. Tea Drops Sampler, $40 at Uncommon Goods

A new way of drinking tea, these dissolvable tea drops are bound to improve your mother-in-law’s daily cuppa. Both convenient and eco-friendly, these drops come in a variety of flavors, which can be sampled through this sampler set. Tea Drop Sampler, $40, Uncommon Goods

8. At Home Pottery DIY Kit, $58 at Uncommon Goods

If your mother-in-law is more of the creative, get-her-hands-dirty type of person, she’ll be thrilled to receive this pottery kit. With plenty of air-drying clay included for multiple projects, this gift is sure to keep her busy! At Home Pottery DIY Kit, $58, Uncommon Goods

9. Little Luxuries, $76 at Knack

After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a little luxury in their life? Full of all kinds of treats—from candy to hand cream—this box is the gift for someone who loves a little bit of everything. Little Luxuries Box, $76, Knack

10. Hydroflask 24oz, $39.95 at Hydroflask

Keep your mother-in-law hydrated for her daily adventures with this state-of-the-art reusable water bottle. With a double-wall design, this bottle will keep her water cold and refreshing for the entire day. Hydroflask Bottle 24oz, $39.95, Hydroflask

11. Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds, $69.95 on Amazon

Wireless earbuds for the woman who loves her podcasts—or audiobooks, or music—but is always on the go, these ones are only connected to one another. Less likely to get lost than AirPods, Beats Flex still have enviable quality and come in a multitude of colors. Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds, $69.95, Amazon

12. Biocol Labs Something for Dreaming, $23 at Revolve

A convenient 1oz bottle that your mother-in-law can slip into her carry-on, she’ll find herself thanking you on her next business trip or restless night. The Something for Dreaming spray from Biocol Labs contains melatonin and herbal extracts for a good night's sleep, making this gift is as thoughtful as it is practical. Something for Dreaming, $23, Revolve

13. Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray, $22 on Amazon

You can’t always be around to remind your mother-in-law to take a deep breath. Luckily, this “stress-free” space spray will encourage relaxation with its blend of lavender with uplifting chamomile, cypress and lemon. Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray, $22, Amazon

14. Recoup Cryosphere, $49.98 on Amazon

Ideal for a woman who frequently experiences soreness and inflammation or who is very physically active, the cryosphere provides almost magical relief. Combining the effects of icing and massaging all at once, this gift could be a life-saver. Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller, $49.98, Amazon

15. Virtual Live Relaxing Painting Class, $70 at Uncommon Goods

Encourage your mother-in-law to express herself and to loosen up with this 90-minute painting class. Both a painting kit and a virtual live experience with an expert instructor are combined for an amusing experience. Painting for Relaxation Class, $70, Uncommon Goods

16. Smartphone Photo Vault, $119.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer

For the mother-in-law who’s always asking everyone to pose for photos, this instant backup device will allow her to keep her memories safe, and it’ll help her free up space for taking even more pictures. Instant Backup Smartphone Photo Vault, $119.95, Hammacher Schlemmer

17. Crossbody Phone Case Card Holder, $98 at Bandolier

A phone case that doubles as a wallet and cross-body bag? This Bandolier will keep your mother-in-law’s phone available in a fashion-forward accessory. Emma Crossbody Bandolier, $98, Bandolier

18. Always Pan, $145 at Our Place

Cooking shouldn’t be more complicated and messy than it already is. This pan is designed to replace up to 8 different types of cookware, so your mother-in-law can declutter her kitchen while still whipping up whatever her heart desires. Always Pan, $145, Our Place

19. Eco Home Care Set, $89 at Public Goods

Looking to give your mother-in-law a motivational nudge into the eco-conscious lifestyle? This set includes everything she may need to lessen household waste while still maintaining an easygoing lifestyle. Eco Set, $89, Public Goods

20. Zodiac Pendant Necklace, $54 at Anthropologie

A statement piece that somehow goes with every outfit, your mother-in-law will look all blinged out with this pendant around her neck. Even more special, this double pendant necklace includes both her zodiac symbol and constellation. Zodiac Pendant Necklace, $54, Anthropologie

21. EvoKnit DIY Chunky Blanket Kit, $89 at Etsy

For the knitter of the family, this kit includes everything your mother-in-law will need to make her own chunky blanket. If she enjoys keeping her hands occupied and is always up for a good craft, this gift will provide for a fun project as well as a cozy finished blanket. EvoKnit DIY Chunky Blanket Kit, $89, Etsy

22. Nook GlowLight 4, $149.99 at Barnes & Noble

Your mother-in-law will never have to lug her books around again if she’s got a Nook e-reader. The Nook Glowlight 4 has 32GB of storage, Glow Light Illumination and Night Mode. While Barnes & Noble released the more budget-friendly Nook GlowLight 4e in early 2022, that model only holds 8GB of storage and has a lower resolution display. We think the GlowLight 4 is the best deal on the Nook. Nook GlowLight 4, $149.99, Barnes & Noble

23. Personalized Coasters, $48 at Etsy

A personal touch to your mother-in-law’s home decor, these cute coasters will fit into any room of the house and there are multiple engraving and font styles available. Marble & Wood Engraved Coaster Set, $48 for 4, Etsy

24. Magnetic Silver Vase Set, $44.99 on Amazon

This modern illusion vase set will bewitch your mother-in-law. Each of the five flower holders stays upright with magnets—talk about a unique conversation piece! Peleg Design Magnetic Flower Vase Set of 5, $44.99, Amazon

25. FaceGym Skincare Set, $75 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Skincare shouldn’t suffer during a workout! If your mother-in-law is always active, these skincare sticks are made to work with higher body temperatures and sweat to improve your complexion. FaceGym 5-Piece Mini Training Stick & White Pouch Kit, $75, Saks Fifth Avenue

26. Malpass 3-Piece Iron Wall Planter Set, $69.99 at Wayfair

If your mother-in-law has an impressive green thumb, this gold-tone planter set is a great home for her plants. Made to hang on the wall, who needs art when you have a vertical garden? Malpass 3-Piece Iron Wall Planter Set, $69.99, Wayfair

27. Ring Doorbell, $39.99 on Amazon

For a little added security and to make your mother-in-law feel a bit safer, the Ring is a gift she’ll use pretty much every day. Both a doorbell and a security camera, she can check to see who’s outside without even approaching her front door. Ring Video Doorbell Wired, $39.99, Amazon

28. Phone Soap Cell Phone Sanitizer, $55.97 on Amazon

If your mother-in-law is a card-carrying germaphobe, she’ll be amazed by this present. PhoneSoap will simultaneously charge and sanitize her phone, killing bacteria and germs. PhoneSoap Cell Phone Sanitizer $55.97, Amazon

29. Essential Oil Diffuser, $123 at Vitruvi

With its swanky ceramic design, this sleek essential diffuser will add to the ambiance of its environment through both sight and smell. Your mother-in-law can add whichever essential oils she finds most aromatic and pleasing to her. Stone Essential Oil Diffuser, $123, Vitruvi

30. Olaplex Bonding Hair Oil

A versatile hair product if there ever was one, this bonding oil can be applied to any hair type to provide all kinds of benefits. Your mother-in-law can use it to tame frizziness, repair damage, protect her hair from UV light, and more. Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, $30, Dermstore

31. Sherpa Weighted Blanket, $76.80 on Amazon



The weighted blanket trend isn’t over quite yet! Give your mother-in-law a fluffy blanket that comes with a little extra comfort this winter. Uttermara Sherpa Soft Plush Fleece Weighted Blanket, $76.80, Amazon

32. Personalized Family Burlap Print, $22, Etsy

Make your mother-in-law smile with this special personalized burlap print on Etsy. There are so many options, but we personally love this simple yet meaningful one that highlights important wedding dates in the family. You also could do the birthdays of your mother-in-law's children, or grandchildren, for example. Personalized Family Burlap Print, $22, Etsy

33. All-In-One Facial Kit, $29 at Hanacure

This facial kit provides for a spa experience in the comfort of the home. This facial kit is made to address the most common skin concerns. All-In-One Facial Kit, $29, Hanacure

34. Reusable Silicone Straws, $25 at Food52

If your mother-in-law is a habitual straw user, encourage her to go green with this colorful silicone set! They even come with carrying cases and a cleaning tool. Reusable Silicone Straws, $25, Food52

35. Home State Cheese Board, $48 at Uncommon Goods

An artful ode to the state she calls home, your mother-in-law will be ready to whip out the cheese and crackers right after unwrapping this board. Made from renewable bamboo, these boards are sustainable as well as beautiful. Home State Cheese Board, $48, Uncommon Goods

36. Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $29.16 on Amazon

Unobtrusive and small, this speaker will fit wherever your mother-in-law wants to take it. The sound quality, too, remains impressive, and it has a battery life of up to three whole hours. Lexon Mino Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $29.16, Amazon

37. Hand-Painted Mug, $22.50 at Etsy

Each hand-painted mug is unique, just like your mother-in-law. Consisting of homemade speckled porcelain, this mug will add some personality to her morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea. Hand-Painted Ceramic Coffee Mug, $22.50, Etsy

38. Rotating Tabletop Makeup Organizer, $89.99 at Wayfair

Instead of rustling through her makeup and skincare products, your mother-in-law will have better access to them with this rotating organizer. Her routine will never be the same again. Rotating Tabletop Makeup Organizer, $89.99, Wayfair

39. Himalayan Salt Lamp, $14.60 on Amazon

Light up your mother-in-law’s life like she lights up yours with this beautiful fixture. Bring some warmth and positivity into her space with this hand-carved crystal lamp. Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp, $14.60, Amazon

40. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, $11.91 on Amazon

An international bestseller, you might want to secure your own copy as well. This is the perfect addition to any mystery or thriller lover’s bookshelf'The Silent Patient' by Alex Michaleides, $11.91, Amazon

41. Wake Me Up Before I Go Gift Set, $87 at Knack

Is your mother-in-law a certified caf-fiend? If she is, she’ll be excited to find this gift incorporates a french press and gourmet coffee beans, plus a motivational notebook to help her start her day off right. Wake Me Up Before I Go Set, $87, Knack

42. VoChill Stemmed Wine Chiller, 49.96 at Verishop

The first of its kind, this tabletop wine glass chiller is a game-changer for a woman who loves her reds and whites. Between sips, your mother-in-law just has to rest her glass in the convenient chiller to keep it at her ideal temperature. VoChill Stemmed Wine Chiller $49.95, Verishop

43. Capresso Espresso Machine, $104 on Amazon

For the woman who now prefers lattes and cappuccinos over a mug of diner-style coffee, she’ll be excited to receive her own espresso maker. Compact enough to fit into even the smallest of kitchens, this machine also comes with a forth and steam wand for any milk additions. Capresso Espresso Machine, $104, Amazon

44. Solid Oak Personalized Bookend, $34.74 at Etsy

This solid oak bookend can be personalized with a message of your choosing to be shown wherever your mother-in-law keeps her books. And it includes a small vase to add a fresh floral accent to the space. Solid Oak Personalized Bookend, $34.74, Etsy

45. Acrylic Chess Set, $278.99 at Z Gallerie

Chess is a game of wit like no other. Maybe your mother-in-law will even let you win a game or two when you play another, after gifting her this sleek, modern chess set! Acrylic Chess Set, $278.99, Z Gallerie

46. Custom Book Clock, $39 at Etsy

Feature your mother-in-law’s favorite book with this customizable, handmade book clock. Using a quartz clock mechanism, this piece will keep accurate time and is perfect for standing on any surface of choice. Custom Book Clock, $39, Etsy

47. Hand-Painted Floral Dinnerware Set, $100 at Uncommon Goods

Update your mother-in-law’s tired dish collection with this artistic assortment of handprinted dishes. She’ll be so hypnotized by these plates that she may be reluctant to eat off of them! Hand-Painted Floral Dinnerware, $100 for 3-piece Set, Uncommon Goods

48. Oil and Vinegar Set, $52 at Le Creuset

Make eating salad and bread a truly classy experience with this oil and vinegar set. Made from durable stoneware in a variety of beautiful colors, the fanciness just doesn’t end. Le Creuset Signature Oil and Vinegar Set, $52, Le Creuset

49. De Stijl Stacking Mugs, $79.49 at Trouva

Coffee and art lovers rejoice! These MoMA-designed mugs, inspired by the work of De Stijl artists Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg, are truly pieces of modern art. De Stijl Stacking Mugs (Set of 3), $79.49, Trouva

50. Cocktail-Enhancing Mists, $50 at Uncommon Goods

If your mother-in-law sees herself as something of a mixologist, she’ll find herself intrigued by these cocktail-enhancing mists. Blended by hand from the best quality botanicals available, these mists heighten the aromatics of the drinks she concocts. Cocktail Enhancing Mists, $50, Uncommon Goods

51. Nolah Bamboo Throw, Originally $199, Now $149 at Nolah

Your mother-in-law will be extra cozy—but not too warm—at home with the Nolah Bamboo Throw. The bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and sweat-wicking yet has a fleece-like softness. Right now it's $50 off and Nolah Weighted Bamboo Blankets are 50% off. Nolah Bamboo Throw, $149, Nolah

52. Nolah Bamboo Sheets, Originally $179, Now $149 at Nolah

There's nothing like a new set of sheets to feel like you're living in luxury. Right now Bamboo Cotton Sheets are up to $50 off at Nolah. Pair them with a 2-pack of Nolah Squishy Pillows, now $20 off, for a gift that gives sweet dreams. Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set, $149, Nolah

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