The 68 Best Gifts for Nurses Who Deserve A Little Treat

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These thoughtful gifts will help nurses recharge after long days on their feet and the chaos of a hectic office.



Whether you want to say thank you with a small gift or make a big statement to the nurse in your life, we’ve got you covered. From quick self-care gifts to products that will make a nurse's life easier at work and at home, this list is a comprehensive guide to help you show your appreciation to the healthcare heroes you know.

We selected these products based on options that we know help nurses feel healthier, happier, or more efficient at their jobs. Keep reading to check out the best gifts for nurses.

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Cure Hydration Electrolyte Mix Gift Set

$15 at

Nurses know that hydration is key to boosting their immune system. Make it easier to stay hydrated with packages that contain electrolytes. These practical gifts show appreciation for their hard work but also offer a thoughtful reminder that you care about their wellness.

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Loop Experience Plus Earplugs

$45 at

See at

For folks who find themselves overstimulated and craving silence, these ear plugs offer a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of a hospital or doctor’s office. Whether it's a brief pause during a break or a chance to unwind after a long day, these noise-reducing earplugs give nurses the chance to reclaim their sense of calm.

Sombra Warm Pain Relief Gel 8-Ounce

$24 at

See at

Between standing all day and hunching down typing up their notes, aches and pains are often cited by nurses as one of the challenges of the job. This pain relief cream can be a lifesaver at home or at work for quick relief.

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Healing Hands Under Scrubs for Women

$13 at

Undershirts that don’t itch, bunch, or stick to your skin are a must in healthcare. We love this brand and nurses agree it is a game-changer for comfort on the job.

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Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

See at

While on duty, nurses transport items like pens, notepads, stethoscopes, and personal belongings such as a phone or wallet. A crossbody bag provides a hands-free way to carry these items, enabling them to move freely and easily access what they need during their shifts.

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Brooks Women's Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

See at

$85 at

Nurses share that these sneakers erased weeks of foot pain within a single day after wearing them. Being on your feet all day calls for a supportive shoe that won’t wear down quickly, and nurses’ reviews share that they had no pain after an eight-hour shift.

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Laifen Swift Hair Dryer

$168 at

See at

For nurses who are showering after their shift, a hair dryer can change the game, especially in cold weather. Nobody wants to leave with wet hair, and the Laifen dries hair five times faster than traditional hair dryers on the market without the heat damage, and some reviews have claimed it is a legit Dyson alternative.

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Health and Nutrition

Yeti Daytrip Lunch Bag

See at

$80 at

A Yeti lunch box for nurses will keep their work meals fresh and readily accessible during long shifts. The durable and insulated design ensures their meals stay at safe temperatures, providing both convenience and health and safety benefits.

Lasagna Love Donate To Help Support Our Mission

See at

Homemade lasagna combines the warmth of a home-cooked meal with the convenience nurses need during their shifts. For a nurse in need or going through a challenging time, Lasagna Love is an organization that delivers homemade lasagna from volunteers to folks who need a helping hand.

Anyday The Complete Set

See at

For the nurse who loves to pack their lunch, we love a no-prep, microwavable option that makes eating at work easy and convenient. This microwavable set is equipped to fully cook a meal or reheat an already prepped option. Plus, you’ll be reducing waste from disposable containers to boot!

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Waterdrop Starter Set Microdrink Thermo Steel Water Bottle

See at

This thermos comes with 18 microdrinks and a 20-ounce insulated steel bottle. Great for keeping coffee hot in the morning or water cold all day, a thermos will be much appreciated by healthcare workers who don’t have time to sit down and finish a drink in one sitting.

NOW Supplements Vitamin D-3

$7 at

Working in healthcare is stressful and can also strain the immune system when you are constantly exposed to bacteria, bugs, and viruses. Nurses will appreciate your emphasis on vitamin D for their immune system, especially during the busy cold and flu seasons.

Trace Minerals Liquid Immunity with Elderberry

$27 at

Provide hydration and an immunity boost in one with Trace Minerals Liquid Immunity drops. Unlike other electrolyte and mineral supplements, this one does not contain tons of added salt, a nutrition fact that nurses will likely appreciate! Easy to use on the go, the droplets can be added directly into their drink of choice.

Sakara La Ligne The Sculpt Society

See at

Healthcare workers often complain that they don’t have time for basic meal prep, and Sakara offers the perfect solution for healthy meals on-the-go that are ready-to-eat. With options like their Mediterranean Chopped Salad, Maple Sweet Potato Bowl, and Sichuan Noodles with Tomato Ginger sauce, we think nurses everywhere will thank you for making healthy meals more accessible to them.

Nurses can receive an ongoing 10% specialty discount on meal deliveries.

Stanley Quencher Tumbler with Lid

$45 at

$45 at

The Stanley Cup keeps water cold for hours on end which is perfect for long shifts at the hospital. A reusable water bottle is an excellent gift for a nurse because it promotes hydration during long and busy shifts, helping them stay energized and focused. By choosing a reusable option, you can support the environment, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Omaha Steaks Deluxe Gift Package

$100 at

You can’t go wrong with a classic gift box of steak and potatoes. Now available on Amazon, you can send your favorite nurse four bacon-wrapped filet mignons, four Omaha steak burgers, four gourmet jumbo franks, four servings of potatoes au gratin, and four caramel apple tartlets, plus one jar Omaha Steaks Seasoning.

Kevin's Chicken Penne Alla Vodka Pasta

See at

Speaking of healthy meals on the go, Kevin’s meal kits can be ordered online or found at your local Costco. They offer a delicious, healthy meal that is high in protein to keep your nurses feeling fueled. Now, Kevin’s offers meal kits that include high-fiber pasta made with cauliflower, nurses can quickly heat these options up in the microwave during their shift.

Umami Bento Lunch Box for Adults w/Utensils

$27 at

An organized lunch box can make a crazy day feel a little bit easier. We love these bento boxes modeled after Japanese bento meals for an easy meal prep container to grab and go for nurses.

ALL ORGANIC Gourmet Bread Basket Perfect Gift

$100 at

Is there anything more comforting than fresh bread? It's a simple yet heartfelt gesture that provides sustenance and comfort during their busy shifts, showing appreciation for their dedication to patient care. This gourmet bread assortment offers naan, challah, and specialty baked goods for different seasons.


Shifts: The Journal for Nurses by Nurses

$13 at

$13 at

There’s truly a journal for everything, and we love the thought behind this nurse-specific journal. Each month, nurses can set an intention for the next four weeks. Then, daily pages facilitate recommitting to that intention while reflecting on situations they encountered that day. It’s both therapeutic and educational.

Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

$34 at

$34 at

When you’re a nurse, sleep is precious — especially if you’re working night shifts or strange hours. This weighted sleep mask will help your healthcare worker drift off to dreamland quickly (the slight heft helps reduce stress and anxiety, by the way).

GURIN Rain Shower Head High Pressure Spa System

$21 at

$20 at

Bring the spa experience home with this rain-fall style showerhead. We love the value you get to swap out your shower head for a small pleasure that makes your bathroom feel a little more luxurious after a tough day at work.

Oning 115 PCS Large Dried Preserved Eucalyptus Stems

$16 at

Speaking of elevating your shower experience after a long day of work, hanging some dried herbs in a steaming shower can be the boost the nurse in your life needs to decompress and unwind at night.

Hohm Vessel Diffuser

See at

$70 at

Give the gift of self-care through essential oil diffusion. Instead of using water like most diffusers, Hohm offers pure oil diffusion that prevents the risk of dispersing toxins into your home. Great for the living room or the bathroom, your healthcare friends will thank you for these scents that freshen up their living spaces.

Baloo Weighted Blanket

$199 at

$179 at

Weighted blankets are trending, and if you’ve ever used one, you know how soothing it is to feel wrapped in a heavy cocoon. This option is great for a nurse who wants to unwind after her shift and cozy up on the couch before bed.

Earthfoam Organic Pillow

See at

Nurses often endure physically demanding shifts, and a high-quality pillow can provide them with the comfort and support they need for a precious moment of rest. Show your empathy for their daily challenges and promote a good night's sleep, helping them recharge and continue providing care to others.

Cozy Earth Waffle Bath Robe

See at

$119 at

It doesn’t get more cozy than de-stressing with a shower after work and putting on your favorite robe. Cozy Earth has a collection of bamboo-woven robes and loungewear to support healthcare workers after being in scrubs.

Big Blanket Original Stretch Extra Large Blanket

$159 at

$109 at

After a long shift, there's nothing better than snuggling up under a larger-than-life blanket. This one is 100 square feet and somehow still fits in the washing machine.

Incredi-Heat Portable USB Heating Pad

$40 at

$40 at

Help nurses soothe the aches of the day away with this USB-powered heating pad for on-the-go relief. Incredi-heat can easily be rolled up and taken along for use in the car, on an airplane, at the office, or anywhere you need compressed heat therapy.

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The Plufl Human Dog Bed

$299 at

See at

Whether the nurse in your life is ready to crash when they get home or looking for an easy way to get some shut-eye in the overnight room, we love the human-sized dog bed from Plufl for maximum comfort in a cozy environment. This gift is a splurge, but we think your favorite nurse will be over the moon at the thoughtfulness of this cozy gift.

Loftie Lamp

$249 at

See at

Good sleep hygiene is something that many nurses want to keep up with but find challenging with grueling work schedules. Help them sleep and wake up better with an alarm clock that helps them get their phone out of the bedroom, plays soothing sounds while they sleep, and wakes them up with gentle tones to start the day.

Beauty and Skincare

Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream Trio

$34 at

Nursing is notoriously hard on the hands, from frequent hand-washing to broken nails and dry skin. This Clarins gift set from Nordstrom features three ultra-hydrating products to soothe dry, chapped skin — one for the car, one for the purse, and one for home.

Act And Acre Stem Cell Gua Sha System

See at

Korean skincare is having a moment, and nurses will be sure to appreciate this alternative treatment for lymphatic drainage and fluid retention especially in the face, neck, and head. We think it’s perfect for spa care on the go after those long clinical shifts.

Daybird 4-in-1 Tinted Skincare SPF 50

See at

See at

This tinted skin care offers a combination of serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and sheer foundation all in one. For nurses who want to protect their skin but don’t spend a ton of time applying products, this one is a no-brainer to keep their skin healthy at work.

Burt's Bees Tips And Toes Kit

$12 at

$12 at

If you’ve spent any time in hospitals, you know that dry skin and cracked lips can come with the job. Gift the nurse in your life a self-care moment with six hydrating, moisturizing products including a lip balm, hand creams, foot cream, cuticle cream & hand salve.

Palma De Salus Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer & Hand Lotion

$48 at

See at

Dry hands seem to come with the job as a nurse given the number of times you will wash your hands or use hand sanitizer in a day. Traditional hand sanitizer is often not moisturizing, and Palma de Salus has a solution that includes aloe vera to counteract any dryness.

Necessaire The Body Duo

$40 at

Necessaire products feel incredibly luxurious and are likely something a nurse wouldn’t treat themselves to on the regular. The Body Serum uses hyaluronic acid to replenish tired skin, while The Body Lotion is non-irritating and fragrance-free — perfect for daily wear in an environment like a hospital.

Origins Wrapped to Invigorate Ginger Body Wash Set

$42 at

$42 at

For a little pick-me-up before (or after) long shifts, we love this ginger-scented body wash set. The invigorating scents and scrubs will perk any nurse right up.

Clothes and Footwear

Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Sneaker

$50 at

$45 at

Who has time for laces? Not nurses. These slip-on shoes have earned rave reviews from nurses, thanks to their grippy tread, soft cushioning, and hands-free nature. The breathable mesh material also helps feet stay cool, even after hours of walking and standing.

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Dr. Scholl's Extra Support Insoles for Women, Size 6-11

$14 at

$15 at

Nurses swear by these (surprisingly affordable) insoles, saying they’re especially helpful for relieving low back pain. Plus, they’re supportive enough for nurses of all heights, sizes, and feet widths. Don’t know your nurse’s shoe size? No problem — these are trimmable to fit any size from 6 to 11.

Read our full review: Nurses Rely On Both These $15 and $41 Inserts for 12-Hour Shifts, But Which Is Best for Back and Knee Pain?

Sanuk Cozy Mat Low

$85 at

$85 at

Slip on some comfortable footwear with these cozy slippers made with moisture-wicking fabric to pull any sweat away from the foot once the material heats up. Great for transitioning from work to home, this footwear will be loved instantly by nurses after their shift.

Xero Shoes HFS II

See at

See at

Comfortable footwear is a necessity as a healthcare worker. If you’re a fan of barefoot-style footwear, you’ll love these. One of the things we love about Xero is the wide toe box that allows your feet to relax and prevent scrunching up the toes while working.

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Naot Calm Slippers

$61 at

See at

Imagine being on your feet all day and just wanting to come home and slip into something comfy. These comfy Calm slippers are lined in soft fleece to provide warmth and a mattress foam padding insole for comfort and support. Bonus points? They're also vegan!

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Studs Gold 8mm Reversible Post Set

See at

Nurses need no-fuss jewelry that can stand up to the harsh hospital environment — but still looks great. We’re obsessed with Studs, which have dozens of quirky designs in addition to more classic earrings. Pro tip: The flatback posts are excellent for side-sleepers.

Snacks and Drinks

E S Provisions Super "Thanks a Bundle" Gift Box

See at

Drop these off at your doctor's office next time as a gift for the nurses to remember you by. These artisanal soft pretzels make an ooey-gooey thank-you gift and a way to give back to healthcare workers this season and set you apart from the classic coffee-and-bagel deliveries.

David's Cookie Gourmet Gift Basket

See at

Purchasing a variety of fun snacks is an excellent gift for nurses because it adds a touch of joy and surprise to their hectic workdays. These cookies provide a delightful break during their shift, and a quick energy boost for a moment of respite.

Bar Dog Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

$13 at

See at

For the nurse who loves a glass of wine after work and is a dog lover, Bar Dog is a California wine that also supports rescue shelters in partnership with Petfinder. To date, they have supported over 8000 animals in need — cheers to that!

Belle Cheese Board The Cheese Board Lovers Gift Box

See at

As we get closer to the holidays, you might be looking for a gift that offers a more elegant touch. This cheese lover's gift box is full of luscious flavors like Herbes de Provence and Italian Black Truffle made from goat milk.

Home and Kitchen

Ranger Station The Dark Candle

See at

Coming home to a clean smelling house after a long day at work is a feeling that we can all appreciate. After spending time in a sterile environment, the nurse in your life will appreciate candles from Ranger Station, like their best-selling scent Leather + Pine.

Cometeer Gift Box

See at

Say thank you with a pick me up. We love this coffee gift box because there is no coffee machine required. Easy to prepare for folks to enjoy your coffee hot or cold, this is a great gift for nurses at home or for personal delivery to the breakroom at work.

EspressoWorks 7-Piece All-In-One Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker Barista Bundle Set

$220 at

$235 at

Leaning on a caffeine boost can make your day as healthcare a whole lot easier. Gift a nurse an espresso machine so that they can caffeinate at home before running to their shift or bring it to the breakroom for the entire nursing staff to enjoy.

Beautiful 6 qt Air Fryer with Touch-Activated Display

$69 at

For folks who are not interested in cooking, but still want to make healthier meals at home, an air fryer is the perfect appliance. Drew Barrymore’s air fryer offers options to air fry, roast, reheat, bake, or broil, and we love that this air fryer lets you cook two foods two different ways.

Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle

See at

We have a hunch that nurses are prone to dehydration — after all, their days are often too busy to drink water, let alone spend five minutes on a bathroom break. This smart bottle is a really cool way for nurses and healthcare workers to track their hydration levels during long shifts — pair with a Sweat Patch to get them started on their hydration journey.

Parachute Percale Sheet Set

$199 at

See at

Nothing — and we mean NOTHING — should stand in between a nurse and her sleep. Nice sheets are always a treat, and we especially love the percale sheets from Parachute to keep you cool (and snoozing) all night long.


Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Powered Headphones

$125 at

See at

Perfect for tuning out during a break or for the commute home, we love the idea of gifting a nurse these headphones. Bonus: when exposed to natural and artificial light, they continuously recharge, keeping them ready to go when nurses need them most.

STM Myth 18L Laptop Backpack

$120 at

$120 at

A good bag is always appreciated in healthcare, and a backpack is the perfect option to hold a change of clothes, lunchbox, and any other nursing needs. We love how many pockets this bag comes with including the laptop compartment that protects your computer from the bumping zones.

Bombas Women's Everyday Compression Socks

See at

Being on your feet all day isn’t easy, and any nurse will tell you: that ankle swelling is real! Help nurses keep their fluid status where it belongs with these compression socks that come in fun designs for long shifts.

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See at

Nurses don’t always get the chance to wear a lot of jewelry depending on their healthcare setting, and we love gifting a sentimental option that they can wear out and about when not at work. Based on their birthstone, give them a ring or a pendant necklace that offers a personalized touch that they can wear in or out of the clinic.

Nerdbugs Heart Plush Organ

See at

For the nerdy nurses out there, we love these plush gifts that will make your favorite healthcare worker smile. Depending on their area of expertise, you can customize a plushy gift set with an adorable pun-worthy name like “I Aorta to tell you how much I love you!”

Mykitsch Glazey Blush

See at

For a comfy outfit to change into after work, we love Glazey for its frictionless fabric that feels so smooth while you lounge. Whether looking for loungewear or a comfortable change of clothes after leaving for the day, a nurse will be sure to appreciate the thoughtful gift set that helps them wind down after a long day on the job.

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