Tree-mendously Funny Christmas Puns to Up Your Dad Joke Game This Holiday

It's the most punderful time of the year, and there's no better way to celebrate the season than with lots of funny Christmas puns! We've got 95 of them to up your already-strong dad joke game, including merry puns to keep your Christmas card messages holly-jolly and happy. Besides clever Christmas puns for cards, one-liners on our list also make the just-right Christmas puns for Instagram captions for all your elfies. Here, we break them down by category: Santa, snow, Christmas tree puns, and elf Christmas puns, too. Look snow further to find just the right Christmas pun for any holiday occasion!

But wait, there's myrrh. If you are feeling like adding some ho-ho-hilarity, you can also trot out reindeer jokes or Santa jokes to entertain your family and friends. File away some of these Christmas pun one-liners for a ba-dum-tss-worthy plays on words to share at Christmas dinners, holiday parties, and other festive occasions during this most wonderful thyme of the year. And who knows, these equally clever and funny best Christmas puns might just having you, your friends, and loved ones feeling extra Santa-mental this season.

Christmas Puns

Little boy carrying big cardboard box during Christmas
  • “Happy holly-days,” said the wreath to the garland.

  • "You sleigh me."

  • "Resting Grinch face."

  • "Your presents is requested."

  • "Good things come in tall packages."

  • "Yule be fit to be tide when you find out you aren’t getting any presents.

  • "It’s the most wine-derful time of the year."

  • Prancer’s motto: “Prance like nobody's watching.”

  • “Season’s greetings,” said the rosemary to the sage.

  • "But wait—there’s myrrh."

  • "Gangsta wrapper."

  • "Sleigh my name, sleigh my name."

  • "Hold on for deer life."

  • "The Christmas alphabet has noel."

  • "Shake it like a pole-oriod picture."

  • "Yule be sorry."

  • "I'm pine-ing for you."

  • "I have the final sleigh."

  • "Oh, deer."

  • "Wrapper's delight."

  • "Have a holly Dolly Christmas."

  • "All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies."

  • “A mistle-toast to the holiday season.”

  • "Sleigh, what?!"

  • "The snuggle is real."

  • “I love you from head to mistletoe.”

  • "You’re sleigh-in’ it."

  • "It’s the most wonderful time for a beer."

  • "Love at frost sight!"

  • "Make it rein."

  • "Sleigh queen, sleigh."

  • "It's lit."

  • "How rude-olf of you."

  • “Peppermint, or-na-ment?” she asked when contemplating hanging candy canes on tree.

  • "The Ghost of Christmas Presents is my favorite Christmas ghost."

Santa Puns

Santa claus holding cell phone
Tetra Images
  • "Santa puts you on the naughty list if he has just claus."

  • "That look soots you."

  • "I'm Claus-trophobic."

  • "Christmas has me feeling extra Santa-mental."

  • "Rebel without a Claus."

  • "You’re my soul Santa."

  • "A round of Santa-plause, please."

  • "Santa cleans his sleigh with Santa-tizer."

  • "Claus I said so!"

Christmas Tree Puns

A Christmas bauble hangs from a tree
Bloomberg Creative Photos
  • "Time to spruce things up."

  • "I’m feelin’ pine."

  • "I like 'em real thick and sprucy."

  • “Don’t get all sappy on me,” said the Christmas tree farmer.

  • “You wood not believe my Christmas tree is artificial.”

  • “The kids are on pines and needles waiting for Santa’s gifts to arrive under the tree.”

  • “Christmas trees wear skirts so you won’t cedar roots.”

  • "We have great chemis-tree."

  • "I’ll never fir-get."

  • "These decorations are tree-mendous."

  • "Birch, please."

  • "Fir sure."

  • "This tree is officially lit AF."

  • "Are you oakay? Yes, I'm pine!"

  • "Can I get a watt watt?"

  • "Yes, I do consider myself a Christmas tree hugger."

  • "I love you a whole watt."

  • "You need to branch out."

  • "Ready, set, glow."

Snow Puns

Snowman in snowy field
Sam Edwards
  • “There’s no business like snow business.”

  • “Chillin’ with my snowmies.”

  • “Frosty the Snowman’s personal affairs are snow-body’s business.”

  • "Snow time like the present."

  • "You snow the drill."

  • "Up to snow good."

  • "Best in snow."

  • "It’s snow joke."

  • "I told you snow."

  • "It's ice to meet you."

  • "Say it ain’t snow."

  • "Snow thank you."

  • "As it snow happens."

  • "Snow on and snow forth."

  • "It takes one to snow one."

  • "I'm snow bored."

  • "Icy what you did there."

  • "He came, he thawed, he conquered."

  • "This is snow laughing matter!"

  • "I only have ice for you."

Elf Puns

Christmas ornament
Chiara Benelli
  • “How’d you finish Christmas shopping so fast?” “I used the elf-checkout lane.”

  • "Let’s take an elfie."

  • "I’m elf-taught."

  • "Don’t be elfish."

  • "He’s an elf-made man."

  • "She has high elf-esteem."

  • "Treat yo'elf."

  • "Let’s get elf-ed up."

  • "Believe in your elf."

  • "Have your elf a merry little Christmas."

  • "Don't get caught elvesdropping on Santa!"

  • "Get the elf out of here."

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