These 50 Best '70s Halloween Costumes are Totally Groovy, Man!

With so many options from so many eras, picking out a Halloween costume can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming. One thing we know for sure is groovy 70s Halloween costumes will never go out of style (or '80s Halloween costumes!) With Halloween on the horizon, there’s no better excuse to break out those bell bottoms and your favorite suede jacket for an all-out retro look.

The 1970s are known for their emerging fashion trends and icons that are still relevant today. From entertainment kings like Elton John to the hippies of Woodstock, there’s a chic 70s Halloween costume look for everyone. All you need to pull off these righteous 70s Halloween costume ideas is a groovy, flower-power attitude. And if you're in a couple, or even a group, many of the 70s costume ideas easily expand to cover any of your trick-or-treat companions.

So before you give up on dressing up this year, think back to the era that was a literal walking costume party and channel your inner disco diva. Spread some peace, love, and happiness with the best 70s Halloween costume ideas you can buy online.

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70s Halloween Costume Ideas

1. KISS Halloween Costume

Rock out on Halloween with this iconic punk band look. Be sure to use white and black face paint to complete your costume. If you're dressing up with friends, this makes a great group 70s Halloween costume idea.

Kiss Starchild Costume, $31, Walmart

2. Elvis Presley Costume

No blue suede shoes? No problem. Just don’t forget the sideburns and slicked-back hair to channel the  "King of Rock and Roll."

Rubie's Men's Elvis Now Deluxe Aloha Costume, $44, Amazon

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3. Scooby Doo Costume

Dress up as the gang and fight some monsters for candy in this classic cartoon look. Bring the dog for some extra Scooby snacks! And this 70s costume idea is another that could be fun for a group of friends!

SUIT YOURSELF Zipster Scooby-Doo One-Piece Costume for Adults, $69.99, Amazon

4. Fleetwood Mac Costume

What better excuse to play Stevie Nicks tunes all night? Channel your inner retro witch with a partner or friend for this costume.

Black Lace Ruffle Dress, $35, Amazon

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5. Disco Diva Costume

There is nothing more '70s than disco, which is why you should go as a disco diva this Halloween.

Disco Diva 1970s Women's Metallic Silver Ruffled Party Dress, $20, Walmart

6. A Fistful of Dollars Costume

The Man With No Name makes for a perfect Spaghetti Western Halloween look. Complete the look with a holster, cowboy boots and five o’clock shadow.

Western Cowboy Poncho, $60, Amazon

7. Donna Summer Costume

You can’t go wrong dressing up as the Queen of Disco. Donna was also seen as a fashion icon, making any of her iconic '70s look perfect for Halloween.

Diamond Women's Adult Silver Diva Costume Sequin Singer, $40, Walmart

8. Sonny and Cher Couples Costume

Everyone is sure to recognize this dynamic duo on Halloween. If you can’t grow a mustache like Sonny’s, no problem. A tape on ‘stache will do the trick and you and your partner will rock this 70s couple costume.

Men's Singer Waistcoat Costume, $62, Amazon

9. Sgt. Pepper Costume

Join the Lonely Hearts Club Band with this look. With a little help from your friends, this costume is sure to be a hit!

Men's Mod British Explosion, $34, Amazon

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10. CHiPs

Become Ponch or Jon patrolling the streets of Los Angeles in this classic TV show look. Mustaches are not required but can enhance your CHiPs costume.

Men’s Sheriff Shirt, $33, Walmart

11. Elton John Costume

There are so many options when considering a staple Elton John look. Just don’t forget those psychedelic shades.

COSMOVIE Halloween Cosplay Costume Baseball Uniform, $71, Amazon

12. Superman Costume

Look, up there in the sky—it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! This iconic superhero hit the big screen in 1978.

Rubie's Men's Dc Comics Superman Costume, $79, Amazon

13. Star Wars Costume

Break out the lightsabers with this classic costume. There are so many different characters to choose from that this makes a great 70s couple costume—or even a group themed costume!

Star Wars Deluxe Han Solo Adult One-Size Men’s Halloween Costume, $52, Walmart

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14. Diana Ross Costume

Her performance costumes were magical and perfectly embodied the ideal ‘70s wardrobe. Get your girlfriends to dress up too for a Dream Girls Halloween.

Disco Diva Costume, $38, Walmart

15. Wonder Woman Costume

Transform into a fierce Diana Prince with this costume idea. You’re sure to be the talk of the party in this founding Justice League member look.

Adult Wonder Woman Costume, $53, Walmart

16. Ziggy Stardust Costume

Dress up as David Bowie’s alter ego this Halloween. While it’s a persona that David Bowie perfected, anyone can rock the red hair and space superstar outfit.

Smiffys Men's Space Superstar Costume, $48, Amazon

17. Bruce Lee Costume

Pay homage to the martial arts master in one of Bruce Lee’s iconic costumes. The yellow jumpsuit is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party.

Men’s Bruce Lee Costume, $57, Walmart

18. Monty Python and The Quest For The Holy Grail Costume

What better excuse to chant “We are the knights who say ni!” over and over again? Outfit yourself in the tunic of King Arthur, or dress up as the killer rabbit.

King Arthur Costume, $54, Walmart

19. Rocky Balboa Costume

Adriaaaaan! Dress up as the Italian Stallion this Halloween.

Adult Rocky Boxer Costume, $50, Walmart

20. Carrie Costume

Time to relive your high school dance, but bloodier. All you really need for this costume is a prom dress and some fake blood.

Women’s Carrie Costume, $48, Walmart

22. Grease Costume

Show your hopeless devotion by outfitting yourself as Sandy, Rizzo, Danny, or any other character from this 1978 classic. This is also a great group costume or 70s couples costume idea.

Women’s Grease Bad Sandy Costume, $34, Walmart

23. Willy Wonka Costume

Dress up as the ultimate candy man: Willy Wonka. It’s the perfect costume to hand out chocolate in.

Willy Wonka Classic Chocolate Man, $85, Walmart

24. Rocky Horror Picture Show

The costume possibilities are endless with this 1975 cult classic. If you’re a true fan of the musical, be sure to throw bread when anyone gives a toast at the Halloween party.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Magenta Costume, $80,

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25. The Incredible Hulk

You can’t go wrong dressing up as the main character from this action-packed 70s show. You’ll be the strongest person around if you go as The Incredible Hulk this year.

Adult Men's Marvel Comics Avengers The Hulk Costume, $41, Walmart

26. Farrah Fawcett Costume

Everyone is sure to recognize you if you dress up as this ‘70s bombshell. Don Farrah Fawcett's Charlie’s Angels look, or go bold in her classic red one-piece suit.

High Cut Low Back Swimsuit, $29.99, Amazon

27. Shazam Costume

Suit up and save the world from Sivana in this DC comic costume. Don’t forget the yellow cape to complete the look!

Halloween Shazam Deluxe Adult Costume, $44, Walmart

28. Rubiks Cube Costume

This head-turning costume makes for a perfect 70s look. Invented in 1974, the Rubik’s cube was a hit for children and adults alike.

Smiffys Rubiks Cube Adult Costume, $70, Amazon

29. Sam Quint (Jaws) Costume

Capturing the look of a veteran shark hunter is easier than you think. Be on the lookout for the infamous theme song should you choose to dress like the lead character from Jaws.

Quint from Jaws Adult Halloween Costume Complete Set, $80, Walmart

30. Freddie Mercury Costume

Celebrate the legend of Queen and become the star of the show this Halloween. You can pay homage to this rockstar legend by sporting one of his white tank top and light-washed jeans looks, or one of his iconic concert outfits.

Freddie Mercury Wembley Stadium Queen Costume, $79, Walmart

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31. Little House On The Prairie Costume

Dress up as your favorite Little House character. While everyone is sure to recognize Laura Ingalls, you can always go as Charles, Caroline, Mary, or Carrie. Or make it a group costume and cover all your favorite characters!

ROLECOS Pioneer Costume Dress, $40, Amazon

32. The Village People Costume

This 70s Halloween costume idea works best with a group of people. For this look, you’ll need a cowboy, construction worker, Native American chief, cop, and a biker.

Construction Worker Costume, $29.99, Spirit Halloween

33. Forrest Gump and Jenny Costume

Forrest Gump and Jenny, one of America’s well-known cinematic romances. This costume is a perfect couples costume that everyone will recognize.

Forrest Gump Costume Suit, $60, Amazon

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34. ConeHeads Costume

These silly characters make for the perfect SNL costume. Transform yourself into a conehead and you’ll have everyone laughing on Halloween.

Skeleteen Alien Cone Bald Head, $20, Amazon

35. Debbie Harry Costume

Everybody loves a tribute to Blondie. Summon your inner rockstar by dressing up as this iconic ‘70s singer.

Women’s Stretchy Sequin Sparkle One Shoulder Cocktail Dress, $40, Walmart

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36. Charlie's Angels Costume

Have a group of three with no idea what to wear for Halloween? No problem. Charlie’s Angels is the perfect trio idea that everyone will love!

UnderWraps Women’s Pink Hollywood Starlette Sequin Short Dress Costume, $35, Walmart

37. Blues Brothers Costume

The Blues Brother is a great costume idea because it’s easy to DIY the basic pieces. Just don’t forget those classic black fedoras!

Blues Brothers Hat and Sunglasses, $12, Walmart

38. Hippie Costume

Out of sight! Outfitting yourself as a hippie is sure to be a groovy way to celebrate this year’s Halloween. It's also an easy couples costume idea!

Peace and Love Hippie Adult Costume, $30, Walmart

39. The Greatest American Hero Costume

Dawn this costume and you too can go from teacher to superhero. Save the world by wearing a cape and handing out candy to all who need it.

Greatest American Hero Red Adult Costume Set, $40, Amazon

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40. The Jetsons Costume

Meet the Jetsons! Dress up like Jane, the ultimate space housewife, or even Elroy, the youngest Jetson member.

Judy Jetson, $30, Walmart

41. Josie and the Pussycats Costume

Grab your best friends and recreate this all-girl band based on the beloved animated TV show from the 70s. It’ll be the purrrfect 70s costume idea this Halloween.

Halloween Riverdale Deluxe Josie Adult Costume, $37, Walmart

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42. I Dream of Jeannie Costume

You’re sure to be the best-looking 2,000-year-old genie in this wish-granting costume. This all-pink look will no doubt inspire some serious 70s nostalgia. Make it a couples costume by having your sweetheart raid their closet for a smart blue suit and some DIY insignia to channel Larry Hagman as Tony in the show.

Women's I Dream of Jeannie Costume, $47, Amazon

43. Mr. Potato Head Costume

Although invented in the 1940s, Mr. Potato Head became seriously popular in the 1970s. Bring the fun of a classic toy to life with this throwback costume.

Dress Up America Mr. Potato Costume for Adults, $30, Amazon

44. Grateful Dead Costume

Become a life-size Grateful Dead dancing bear! Deadheads across the globe will appreciate this Halloween look.

Grateful Dead, $43, Walmart

45. Rick James Costume

Don’t miss out on this super freak Halloween costume idea. Get down on the funk train and celebrate an iconic Motown performer. Don’t forget to add a wig to complete the look.

Rubie's Heavy Metal Hero Costume, $36, Amazon

46. Veto Corleone Costume (The Godfather)

Outfit yourself in one of the most recognizable suits in film history this Halloween. A little hair dye and a classic black tux work create the perfect mafia look.

Men's Gangster Costume Mafia Pinstripe Suit, $40, Amazon

47. Tony Manero Costume (Saturday Night Fever)

Dress to impress in this classic costume worn by Tony Manero. It’s the perfect outfit to dance the night away in this Halloween.

Adult Disco Fever Costume, $38, Walmart

48. Mork and Mindy

Fans of Mork and Mindy will love wearing this well-known Mork costume. Outfit yourself in a spaceman suit and prepare to travel the galaxy to teach other planets about the human ways.

Underwraps Men's Astronaut Costume, $38, Amazon

49. Mr. T Costume

Pity the fool who can’t recognize this A-team look! Don’t forget to wear a chain or two, and be sure to have plenty of movie quotes on hand.

Rubie's Mr. Hammer Mohawk and Sideburns Wig, $18, Amazon

50. Sesame Street Costume

The children’s show we all know and love was just getting its start in 1970. There are plenty of characters to choose from when nailing down a Sesame Street look, meaning it's a great solo idea, or would make a fun group 70s Halloween costume.

Sesame Street Adult Unisex Cookie Monster Costume, $60, Amazon

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