5 women tricked their boyfriends into wearing the same shirt: ‘They’re embarrassed’

A group of women pulled off the perfect prank on their boyfriends.

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TikToker @shadowsbyjas and her friends did the “same shirt” prank on their beaus. Each woman instructed their boyfriend to wear the same color-blocked sweater with three shades of blue and meet them at a restaurant. When the men showed up, boy, were they in for a surprise.

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“We did the same shirt prank on our boyfriends on April Fools’ Day,” she wrote in the caption. “They had no idea.”

The girlfriends were sitting on one side of a restaurant table as their boyfriends began to drop in. One by one, each man was stunned to see his friend wearing the same shirt as him.

“Can you tell they’re embarrassed?” she said.

The fact that all of the boyfriends had similar beards and haircuts only made the joke funnier. The women were able to trick all five of their boyfriends in total.

“Backstory: They’re laughing extra hard because they are all friends and had no idea they would all be seeing/hanging out with each other,” she added in the comment section.

The wholesome prank received over 30 million views and 5.7 million likes on TikTok.

“Love that they all listened to their girlfriends,” someone wrote.

“Are they all brothers, tho, cuz they’re identical?” another joked.

“This is the only good use of April Fools’ Day,” a person commented.

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