5 Ways to Spot a Perfect Baguette

How well do you know how to shop for baguettes? There are five giveaways to selecting a well-built loaf, asserts Alison Roman, senior food editor of Bon Appétit magazine.

She joins Zachary Golper, head baker and co-owner of Brooklyn bakery Bien Cuit, to find out precisely what to look for when you buy. First, he instructs, look for pointy, tapered ends, which indicate that each baguette was shaped by hand. Second, be daring enough to select a darker brown baguette, which has a slightly caramelized flavor.

And don’t forget to look for ears! Those beautiful trapezoids or ovals along the length of the loaf indicate proper proofing, says Golper. There are two more tips, but you’ll find those out after you click on the video (and break the loaf open!)

One tip we can give away? Good bread should smell, of course, fantastic.

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Are you a baguette lover? Do you like them dark? Light? Crisp? Soft?