5 Ways to Set Up Your Space for a Very Merry Swiftmas

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Cue the lights and music, Swiftmas season is finally here—celebrate with these themed decor ideas and DIYS.

<p>Fernando Leon / Getty Images</p>

Fernando Leon / Getty Images

If you weren't a Swiftie before this year, you probably are now. Taylor Swift's impact has reached new levels with the release of her 10th studio album, Midnights, her re-recorded albums, her Eras Tour, and the premiere of the Eras Tour movie. Most recently, she released holiday ornaments inspired by each of her 10 eras, and the Swifties are loving it.

With the festive season already here, Swift's fanbase aren't just gearing up for Christmas but also for "Swiftmas." This take on the holiday was created by the singer-songwriter in 2014 when she surprised 32 of her fans by sending them Christmas gifts, which included handwritten letters and over $200 dollars worth of gifts. Since then, Swiftmas" has continued as a fan-favorite tradition.

From Taylor-inspired trees to festive garlands, here's all you have to do to have very merry Swiftmas.

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Make a Swiftmas Tree

The Swiftmas tree is taking over TikTok, with videos of people creating their own gathering over 2 million views. To make a Swiftmas tree at home, decorate it with friendship bracelets and bulbs that match the Eras Tour color palette. Or, fill clear bulbs with friendship bracelets to make DIY Eras-Tour-inspired ornaments.

If your home doesn't have room for a full-size tree, place a tabletop tree inside an Eras Tour movie popcorn bucket for an easy way to make a miniature Swiftmas tree.

Decorate with Eras-Themed Colors

Switch out the red and green for the color palettes that make up Swift's albums this year. Choose to stick to one era's color or choose a mixture to create a colorful, Swiftmas look. Use colored ornaments and garlands on your tree or create a colorful mantle display with Christmas village pieces and bottlebrush trees of all shapes and sizes. Here's a quick refresher on the hues to play with:

  • Debut: Green

  • Fearless: Gold

  • Speak Now: Purple

  • Red: Red

  • 1989: Blue

  • Reputation: Black

  • Lover: Pink

  • Folklore: Gray

  • Evermore: Brown

  • Midnights: Navy

<p>Michael Buckner / Getty Images</p>

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Craft a Friendship Bracelet Garland

A friendship bracelet garland puts the perfect Swiftmas twist on the classic, holiday decor piece. Inspired by the friendship bracelets worn and traded at the Eras Tour, you can customize a friendship bracelet garland to fit your style and space.

To DIY the garland at home, like this one made by @chelseazeferina on TikTok, use sticker letters and styrofoam disks to create the letter "beads." Use balls of different shapes and colors meant for a ball pit to create filler beads in your garland. To string the beads together, use a large upholstery needle and fishing line, and thread the fishing line through the center. Tie off the ends of the fishing line in loops so that you can hang your garland on your tree or mantle.

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Get Inspired by Swift's Lyrics

Swift has written hundreds of songs, and you can gain inspiration from them for your holiday themes: Listen to the albums and turn some of your favorite lines into Christmas decor. Paint lyrics on a canvas for quick wall art or write them on brown craft paper to create custom wrapping paper for your fellow fan friends.

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<p>Courtesy of Getty Images// Fernando Leon</p>

Courtesy of Getty Images// Fernando Leon

Listen to Taylor Swift Christmas Music

Before decorating your tree, baking cookies, or sipping hot cocoa this holiday season, set the scene by playing Swiftmas music. While Swift is most widely known for her pop and country songs, she also released a holiday album in 2007 titled Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection. The album includes covers of classic Christmas songs and original works. In addition, in 2019, Taylor released Christmas Tree Farm, a song inspired by growing up on her family's Christmas tree farm.

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