5 Ways Humans Might Hurt a Dog's Feelings Are a Wake-Up Call For Pet Parents

We love social media and the fact that we learn something new almost every day. From new food recipes and hairstyles to the latest news and lifehacks, there is seriously something for everyone. As pet owners, we can't get enough because there are never-ending tips and tricks for us to learn.

TikTok user @pup_labs, an account dedicated to sharing dog tips, recently posted about the five ways humans might hurt a dog's feelings and it might surprise you. Take a look!

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Wow! Are we the only dog owners who didn't know all of these tips prior to watching the video? All five make sense and you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be keeping these tips in our back pocket so we can take better care of our fur babies.

Depending on whether or not you have a destructive dog, you might not even get angry at your pup, but if you do have a dog that likes to get in trouble, it's so easy to raise your voice or yell. Dogs don't understand anger like we do. Instead, the yelling might make your dogs fearful. Considering our dog eats in less than five seconds, we won't have a problem with taking food away. But this is a good reminder because not only will it stress your dog out, but it could cause digestion issues as well.

The other things you want to avoid doing to your dog are pulling away from their kisses, teasing them while they're sleeping, and ignoring constant ear scratching or paw itching. The last is especially important to take note of since dogs can't verbally communicate how they're feeling physically. This might be their way of telling you if something is wrong and by ignoring that, you're hurting their feelings and their physical wellbeing.

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