5 Ways to Entertain a 4-Year-Old

Lilian Ogbuefi
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3-year-oldcuriosityRebecca Parlakiana senior director of programs at the nonprofit children’s advocacy organization Zero to Three,For instance, 4-year-olds can learn essential skills like persistence and problem-solving simply by putting together block towers: When a tower falls, a child can learn how to cope with that frustration by pushing through to try another building strategy, and ultimately succeed in getting the block tower to stay standing. Kids this age learn these skills better through play than they do through traditional, learning-focused academic exercises.Related: The Best Activities for 3-Year-Olds learn through play, they also learn through rich, responsive interactions with peers and caregiving adults. “These experiences nurture healthy development across all domains,” adds Parlakian, “including cognitive, social-emotional, communication and physical skills.”Parlakian maintains that when young children are in educational settings that don’t allow them to play and explore, there’s a developmental mismatch between the setting and the child, which often means the setting fundamentally limits the benefits a child can derive from it. These five activities for home provide the balance of fun, challenge, and interaction that 4-year-olds crave.

Foam Mosaic

Tools Needed: Skills Developed:How to Play:


Tools Needed: Skills Developed: How to Play:

Ice Hunting

Tools Needed: Skills Developed: How to Play:

Animal Farm

Tools Needed: Skills Developed: How to Play:

Organize Cutlery

Tools Needed: Skills Developed: How to Play:

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