19 Photos That Prove Just How Bad Inflation Has Been In 2022 And My Wallet Is Weeping

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It's been a rough year so far for many reasons — one of them being how inflation is pretty much robbing our wallets at this point.

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The inflation gauge jumped 6.8% in June causing people to have no choice but to get creative with how they save and spend money.

So we can all cry together while hoping things turn around for the better soon, here are some of the worst examples of inflation so far this year.

1.A serious hike in coffee bean prices.

2. Should we just not go out to eat anymore?

"I’d hate to see how much that crumb entree cost."


3.Shrinkflation is really on another level.

4. I expect to be in a food coma after spending $23 on takeout.

"I would return it and demand a refund, you just gave them a $21 profit."


5. Has beef jerky become an exotic snack all of a sudden?! I feel like I used to pay around $9 for a bag? Am I imagining things???

a circled price sticker
u/loveofGod12345 / Via Reddit

6. The significant price difference here really says it all.

7.The size difference is baffling.

8. This is definitely false advertising.

9. The extra $2 for ice really got me.

10. Was Goodwill really trying to pull a fast one on customers?

11. Since when did a can of soup become so pricey? Didn't a can used to be like $2??

"I saw the same thing. I damn near shit myself. I know that is good soup, but WTF."


12. Talk about a serious price increase!

13. As if the customer wasn't going to see that sneaky price adjustment...

14. SMH.

"I'm more offended that a small blizzard is 10 bucks...wtf."


15. This is robbery!

16. Is this store okay with its price tags?

17. That price difference for day-old chicken is bananas!

prices of chicken zoomed in
u/joshuadc / Via Reddit

18. Someone explain the reasoning behind this price.

19. This snack looks like it was half eaten before the customer even opened it.

Share with me in the comments some of the worst examples of inflation you've seen so far!