5 Ultra-Flattering Bob Haircuts Women Over 40 Can Try This Spring, According To The Pros

As we embrace the warmer spring season, it’s the perfect time to refresh your look with a chic and elegant haircut that accentuates your unique features. For mature beauties seeking a change, we have gathered five sleek and modern bob hairstyles, inspired by some of the most stylish celebrities.

From delicately layered to ultra-voluminous, each option has been thoughtfully curated to cater to common hair concerns such as thinning and loss, while simultaneously adding volume and fullness to fine hair.

These expertly recommended styles can leave you with a stunning and luminous appearance, stylists say! Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and Founder of Phenix Salon Suites, Lauren Udoh, professional hair stylist and Hair Creative Director of WigReports, and Krysta Guerrero, owner and stylist at Base Salon Chicago.


5 Chic, Timeless Spring Bob Haircuts For Women Over 40

1. Voluminous Italian Bob

If you're looking for a haircut that can make your best features pop while giving your mane an extra boost of volume and bounce, look no further than the Italian bob cut.

This style is inspired by Old Hollywood and is a 'do that stylish stars like Salma Hayek opt for. The Italian bob takes the traditional bob cut to new heights with chunky blunt ends that create an airy, voluminous look that's never heavy or bulky. It also has just the right amount of length to allow for easy styling options as it's long enough to tie up, but short enough to be worn as is.

Udoh says that a medium bob like this is "a sleek and stylish choice for many occasions." She adds that "it's a versatile cut that looks great on almost any face shape and hair type."

The length can be "adjusted to complement your features and create an attractive silhouette," she notes. "This ever-popular bob provides volume at the crown, with textured layers that frame the face nicely while still maintaining an easy-to-manage style," Udoh explains.

2. Asymmetrical Bob

A textured asymmetrical bob (or longer bob as seen here on Charlize Theron) is a "terrific choice" for "mature beauties," Rivera explains, since it’s a perfect blend of classic yet still modern and trendy. "This style is so hip that it’s perfect for making our ladies in their prime look super chic," she says. "Removing a bit of length from the hair, [adds] movement and creates a youthful appeal."

When it comes to styling, Rivera notes that "texturing the hair" creates an "opportunity to remove some of the damaged ends and weight which bring more life to the hair as well."

3. Shaggy Bob with Sideswept Fringe

A shag is an "amazing cut that is well-recognized for being versatile," Rivera says. A quintessential shaggy cut, as seen here on Halle Berry, offers "nice variations for both longer and shorter hair," Rivera points out. She notes that the choice to "add a bang," and especially a voluminous, side-swept fringe can "add a fresh surprise to this look," Rivera suggests.

For gals with longer hair, she says that "an added choice is to shorten the hair up a bit to the collarbone or above" to create some texture, and adding subtle layers to soften. Rivera recommends adding wispy fringe to this ‘do for not only a more youthful look overall, but also to hide any thinning or hair loss at the crown.


4. 'Mob' Cut

You're probably already familiar with the classic 'bob' and its longer cousin the 'lob,' so the 'mob' refers to a 'medium bob,' Udoh explains. She deems it to be a "sleek and stylish choice for many occasions." It's a versatile cut, she adds, that looks "great on almost any face shape and hair type." (See here on Angela Bassett).

While traditional bobs often end at the chin and lobs fall at the collarbone, the 'mob' ends in the middle of the neck. "The mob cut can be adjusted to complement your features and create an attractive silhouette," Udoh adds.

This not-too-long and also not-too-short cut provides "volume at the crown, with textured layers that frame the face nicely while still maintaining an easy-to-manage style," she points out!

5. Bixie

If you can't decide between a bob or pixie, we have good news. You don't have to! A 'bixie' (or bob-meets-pixie) like Kristen Stewart's is very in for spring, and can be a very flattering and chic choice, Guerrero explains.

There are elements of both styles to play with here in this social media-fave cut, and spring is a great time to find what works for you. "The bixie is a traditional bob haircut that’s combined with a pixie," she says.

"The nice thing about a bixie is its versatility — not only can you adjust the length and opt to have it a little longer, but there is no one way to do it when it comes to the style. The cut is totally customizable based on your preference."

The Bottom Line

While finding a bob hairstyle that provides volume and complements your features may appear overwhelming, professionals emphasize that the crucial factors to consider over 40 are your face shape, hair texture, and preferred amount of layering.

Allow these five celebrity-favored recommendations to serve as an excellent point of departure! Additionally, Rivera advises that it’s best to always "consult with your stylist on a maintenance schedule but for those trying to regain hair health, make sure to trim every 4-6 weeks."