5 things everyone should know about being a better negotiator

You’re sure to encounter moments that call for negotiation throughout your life. In this episode of ITK: Things You Should Know, our host Eli Rallo (@eli.rallo) shares five tips everyone should know to have the sufficient knowledge, skills and confidence to handle such moments with ease.

“The art of negotiation is a little tough to master,” Eli says. “And, for many, negotiation is something they loathe. But knowing how to properly negotiate can put you in a position to reap the benefits others are leaving behind, whether you’re talking about buying a car or landing a high-paying job.”

Negotiation tip 1: Do your research.

Eli advises to show up to a negotiation with a plan in place and the information needed to execute it. She explains, “You want solid info, so you’re not guessing or estimating on the spot.”

Negotiation tip 2: Ask questions.

“Asking good, well-thought-out questions is a sign of intelligence,” Eli says. “A few good, open-ended questions asked at the beginning of the process will establish a connection, relax everyone involved, and make it feel more like a conversation.”

Negotiation tip 3: Confidence is king.

Eli says that good negotiators are confident. She adds, “When we know what we want and believe we truly deserve it, others will follow our lead.”

Negotiation tip 4: A little empathy goes a long way.

“In any good negotiation, stand to gain, so nobody is in a position of power,” Eli explains. “So, treat every negotiation like a conversation, and don’t forget to be respectful.”

Negotiation tip 5: Make the first offer.

Eli suggests being the first party to make an offer in a negotiation. She says, “The first offer establishes the starting point of the discussion and where counteroffers will come from.

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