5 Stunning Ceiling Design Ideas

Look up for a more stylish room.

<p>Adrian Gaut</p>

Adrian Gaut

Here’s some good news: Things are looking up, at least in terms of ceiling design ideas these days. It turns out upgrading these historically neglected spaces in the home is starting to become a major trend with more than 360 million views on TikTok for #ceiling. Adding some design flair to the ceiling instantly makes the entire room look more stylish. Here are five beautiful ceiling design ideas to consider in your own home.

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<p>Adrian Gaut / Design by Crystal Sinclair</p>

Adrian Gaut / Design by Crystal Sinclair

Install Wallpaper

Not into wallpapering an entire room? Adding wallpaper to just the ceiling can have a major design impact. “A patterned ceiling is an opportunity to cultivate a moment of surprise in an interior,” says Colony’s art director, Madeleine Parsons. “This works particularly well in smaller spaces like powder rooms and closets, but can work well in larger living areas also, as long as the pattern chosen is nondirectional.” 

Wallpapered ceilings also create fun focal points in children’s rooms. “At 393 West End Avenue, a storied building within a landmark enclave on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, I recently added a Voutsa modern floral wallpaper in the children’s bedroom. This created a whimsical and playful feel while giving the illusion of higher ceilings by drawing the eye upwards,” says interior designer Crystal Sinclair.

Just keep in mind that wallpapering the ceiling works best with traditional wallpaper as opposed to peel and stick, and is a task better left to professionals. So, this is probably a better idea for homeowners than renters. Still, Sinclair notes it’s not impossible to use this type of wallpaper. However, it may need to be reinforced because it can come down easily from ceilings.

<p>Adrian Gaut / Design by Crystal Sinclair</p>

Adrian Gaut / Design by Crystal Sinclair

Paint the Ceiling

A little bit of paint can work wonders, especially on a ceiling. Parsons suggests using a darker color than what is on the wall. “Painting a ceiling in a dark hue immediately adds a level of coziness to that space.”

If this sounds like too much, she advises going with just a few tones darker or lighter than the walls—keeping the entire room in the same color family.

<p>Michael Weinstein / Design by Crystal Sinclair</p>

Michael Weinstein / Design by Crystal Sinclair

Swap Out the Lighting

There’s nothing that draws attention to the ceiling quite like a bold light fixture can. This is an easy swap and accessible for all budgets. “Upgrading basic ceiling lights with flush mount fixtures goes a long way towards bringing personality into a space. When possible, a pendant light helps to bridge the gap between ceiling and floor, adding in a much-needed vertical element of design into a room,” explains Parsons.

But choosing the just-right fixture is absolutely essential, according to Sinclair. “Lighting should be 84 inches off the ground and I often like to play with the scale if the ceiling will allow for it—going bigger or smaller.”

However, if you’re installing a chandelier, she suggests making sure your ceiling can hold the weight. So you may need to consult a professional first. 

<p>Getty Images</p>

Getty Images

Use Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions create instant charm. They can also complement fixtures, for some extra drama. “If you’re planning on dressing up a room, medallions are a great option. Make sure to paint the medallions. I do not leave them white as this gives off an unfinished look and will not pop as much,” says Sinclair. “I typically first will match the color of the walls and trim, and then will choose the color of the medallion from there.”

Keep in mind that medallions can be a lot less expensive than they look. Stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry lots of inexpensive options.

<p>Adrian Gaut / Design by Crystal Sinclair</p>

Adrian Gaut / Design by Crystal Sinclair

Consider Millwork

Want to add some traditional character? Consider using millwork on the ceilings. “At 393 West End Avenue, I incorporated square-trim millwork into the ceiling of the hallway as a way to accentuate that space and also give it character and depth. We also changed the ceiling color and repeated the trim work on the walls. It ended up being a gorgeous and unique accent in the home,” says Sinclair.  

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