5 sandwiches on TikTok that will make you legit hungry

Sandwiches are a comfort food staple that thrive on simplicity and easy prep. There’s something about sandwiches that just get the tummy rumbling. Here are 5 sandwiches from TikTok that will definitely make you hungry, no matter the time or place. 1. The crispy fried chicken on this sandwich and its homemade pickles and coleslaw would’ve been enough, but throw a homemade potato roll to the mix? Now we’re just getting silly. 2. This homemade take on Korean street toast combines a hearty veggie omelette, thin slices of ham, and melted American cheese. 3. This peanut miso chickpea salad sandwich is a flavorful, vegan replacement for tuna that is bursting with umami flavors and bold spice. 4. Few things hit the spot like the perfect Cuban sandwich. The ham, the roasted pork, the Swiss cheese… it’s like your favorite band’s greatest hits album. 5. This epic steak sandwich uses the king of all steaks: Wagyu beef. The filmer also throws on some smoked jalapeño poppers as a spicy, cheesy surprise