5 Quick And Nutritious 3-Ingredient Snacks

5 Quick and Nutritious 3-Ingredient Snacksegglife

You’re in between work calls, loads of laundry, and kids’ requests for attention when your stomach starts to grumble. Even though you know that a bag of chips isn’t the most balanced choice, that may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re racing toward the pantry in search of a quick snack. Scrap that plan for super quick, super tasty, and—bonus—protein-forward wraps that put simple, delicious nutrition at the forefront.

We’ve partnered with egglife to develop five excellent options—all with just three ingredients—that will change your snack game forever. Protein-packed egglife egg white wraps can provide a nutritious base for a quick snack when you just can’t wrap your mind around what to eat. Ready to roll?

Cinnamon-Raisin “Toast”

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egglife sweet cinnamon + Nut Butter + Cinnamon + Raisins

Swap out the white bread for an egglife sweet cinnamon wrap for a higher-protein, lower-carb base for this sweet and gooey snack. Toast an egglife sweet cinnamon wrap in the toaster oven, as you would a piece of bread. Spread on a little bit of nut butter and sprinkle with fresh cinnamon and a handful of raisins, and you’ve got your very own version of cinnamon-raisin toast. This crispy, crunchy treat satisfies all of the cravings and works as a stand-in for breakfast, of course, but we like it as an anytime munch.

Ham, Cheese, And Dijon Wrap

eggland ham cheese dijon wrap
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egglife original + Dijon + Ham + Swiss

Spread your preferred Dijon mustard over an original egglife wrap, add sliced deli ham and Swiss or Gruyere cheese, and wrap it up. Heat this wrap in a skillet oven for a few minutes with the seam-side down until it becomes just barely crisp on the outside, and serve warm.

Lox, Onion, And Cream Cheese Roll-Up

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egglife everything bagel + Cream Cheese + Red Onions + Lox

Build on the classic flavors of egglife’s everything bagel wrap: Smear your wrap with a heavy helping of cream cheese (we like the whipped variety best). Top with thinly sliced red onions and salty, luscious lox, then roll it up and this snack, in all its bagel-esque glory, is ready to go.

Southwest Chorizo Taco

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egglife southwest + Tomato + Chorizo + Cilantro

Diced and salted tomato makes a juicy makeshift salsa to complement the chorizo in this flavorful snack wrap. Sandwich them together in a folded egglife southwest wrap to form a taco. Sliced chorizo works well for this, though you can also use crumbled, which cooks up just like ground beef (but with a distinct, paprika kick). Top it all off with the final ingredient—a handful of fresh and fragrant cilantro—and you have a winner.

Hazelnut, Peanut, And Banana Wrap

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egglife original + Hazelnut Spread + Sliced Bananas + Crushed Peanuts

Give your egglife original wrap the crêpe treatment with hazelnut spread. Add a creamy layer of the spread to one side of the wrap, top it with thinly sliced bananas, and sprinkle it with a handful of crushed peanuts for extra nutty flavor. Fold the wrap up into a neat bundle, and warm it in a skillet for 30 seconds per side, until the whole thing is warm and oozing.

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