5 Instagram Influencers Who Made A Difference in My Mental Health Battle

2 mental health instagram influencers
2 mental health instagram influencers

Instagram and other social media platforms can be a source for a lot of negativity, self-doubt and comparison. This is especially true (for me at least) when dealing with depression and anxiety. Photo after photo of everyone’s “highlight” reel can make your already negative self-worth feel even worse. This is no fault of anyone posting on social media, but rather the inner workings of that nasty thing called depression. It feels like everyone is having the time of their lives, looks great, has an amazing career and the list goes on. And although your more rational self realizes that’s not all true, it can still feel like you’re not doing as well as everyone else.

When you’re struggling with anxiety and/or depression like I do, it’s incredibly refreshing to find Instagram “influencers” on your feed that keep it real. Ones who share their own struggles with mental heal, self-worth, or just the struggles of everyday life. They make you realize that everyone has their own story and their own internal battles.

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Below are some of the Instagram influencers I admire not only for their daily content, but those inner battles they share with people like me and you who may need a reminder that we’re not alone in our mental health journeys:

1. Jessica Olie

Through everything I’ve been working through I’m realizing that it’s pushing me and forcing me to come face to face with myself. No bullshit. No hiding. No escaping. No running away. Although that’s sometimes how I feel. Some days I’d like to run away from myself, fill myself with distractions. Some days that happens. It’s been happening a lot this week, running away from myself and my feelings. It may look like I’m functioning properly through your screen. But when shit gets hard sometimes it’s easier to numb myself than to confront it. It’s easier to fold and collapse into myself than to let anyone in. The people closest to me will know exactly what I’m talking about. I am human and sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me. I’ve found that it’s almost a default of mine to switch off and sweep myself under the rug and say I’ll deal with it later. But it builds up. I start to suffocate under the weight of everything I’m carrying and I begin to unravel. That’s today. Breaking down. It’s hard to stay open and honest with myself sometimes and allow myself to be where I am in my head right now. It’s a constant work in progress to give myself the space and grace I deserve, to feel without shame or judgement or fear. Some days that’s where all my strength goes, fighting to allow myself to feel. #LETSSTARTYOGA #AloYoga _______________________________________ Wearing all cozy @aloyoga | PS. Use the code “SELFLOVE” at checkout to get 25% off of your order | ???? @wadge11

A post shared by Jessica | @letsstartyoga (@jessicaolie) on Nov 21, 2017 at 8:41am PST

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I started following Jessica for her daily yoga videos and pictures, but recently she has shared her own struggles with serious anxiety and the ups and downs in her life. It made me open my eyes to the fact that we don’t really know what’s going on in everyone’s lives despite what they choose to share online. It also gave me comfort that I wasn’t alone in my own mental health struggles.

2. Deepica Mutyala

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I was fortunate enough to hear Deepica speak about her career journey last year, something I will forever cherish. Her story is one of hope and inspiration, and although I’m no makeup expert, I love watching her videos on Instagram. However, the video below about her own battle with mental health this past year was one I never expected to see, but is one that I am truly grateful she shared with her followers.

3. Jera Foster

Jera posts so many great workout inspo, lifestyle inspo and really cute videos of her dog. However, what really made a difference for me in Jera’s content versus another influencers is that she has been very open about dealing with social anxiety (something you wouldn’t expect her to have). Anxiety can come in many different shapes and sizes, and even if you don’t deal with social anxiety per say, her openness about it will definitely strike a chord with you as it did with me.

4. Chinae Alexander

PLEASE READ ????????: This is a girl who wasn't always sure of her worth. This is a girl who used to smoke endless cigarettes and treated her body like absolute shit because she thought that caring might be too much work. This is a girl who had panic attacks and battled anxiety due to a bad relationship. This is a girl who's allowed toxic relationships to exist longer than they should. This is a girl who's binged on pizza because she's disappointed. Or drunk. Or both. This is a girl who's tortured herself to look a certain way, only to find out that the body she always wanted made her the most self-conscious that she's ever been. This is a girl who's used being sexy as a tool to feel desired or wanted. This is a girl who's felt scared that her life doesn't include a husband and kids yet, that career has taken the front seat. This is a girl who also realized that a career doesn't cheers you after a big accomplishment or comfort you after a long day. This is a girl who wonders if it's bad to feel like she's okay with that. This is a girl who's struggled deeply with family dynamics. With forgiveness. With loss. This is a girl who spent a long time living up to the expectations of others and failing at it. This is a girl who's been told "NO", A LOT. A girl who worried about if the next paycheck would come as a new entrepreneur. This is a girl whose journey includes all of those things. {And a lot of joy. }✨ But this isn't about just me. Or just you. It's about us. I tell you these things because they no longer define me. But they are part of my story. They are important and necessary to who I am. And mostly importantly, I tell you these things because I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle. Your weakness. Your journey. We must tell our full stories so that we know we are not alone. So tell yours. And I promise I'll keep fucking telling mine. ????????✨ #sundaynight {???? by @nicpie }

A post shared by CHINAE ALEXANDER (@chinaealexander) on Sep 10, 2017 at 5:13pm PDT

Chinae is one of my personal favorite Instagram influencers to follow, mainly because the girl knows how to keep it real. Throughout the time I’ve been following Chinae, she has opened up about dealing with anxiety, self worth and struggles that many women in particular face on a daily basis. Even if you can’t identify with her specific experiences, the “takeaways” she shares with you from each of her experiences is what really matters in my opinion. She lets you see that you can get through whatever you are going through, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that you are worth it.

5. Kelsey Lindell

“You’re probably not going to like this blog post. You shouldn’t, because it’s about depression and suicide and being left by the one person you thought you could count on while trying to change injustice. None of those topics are crowd pleasers and this will probably bum you out. I’ve always said that I’d go through any trying circumstance or situation if it would help someone else feel less pain down the line, so here’s an update on the non-glamorous life of what’s happening in my world and why I disappeared for a little bit into a place I’ve started referring to as “the deep dark shits” (DDS for carpal tunnels sake). … Sometimes I think I’m hot shit because I have just shy of 27 thousand people who care what I have to say everyday. I don’t think I’m better than anyone because I know myself too intimately: I don’t shower as much as you do and I wash my hair even less, I have a little tongue on me when I get riled up and I will go until I only have multi colored yoga pants left from earlier this decade in my bin of workout clothes before I will do laundry. But occasionally, having a really large profile makes me think I’m indestructible, but the only two things I know to be true about the human race are that nobody is indestructible and everyone secretly loves fried chicken.” If you’re wondering where TF I’ve been or what TF happened to my incredible boyfriend or want answers to why my cheeks are sunken in while my eyes look like I’m having a MFing allergic reaction to life you should click the link in my bio because honestly I’m too tired to rehash this with everyone and want to curl up with a glass of wine and my heating pad, okay? Also here’s a really good pic of my butt to cheer everyone except Tony up, because he walked away from dat ass, because I needed a relevant “DDS” picture but didn’t want to post something vile. Am I getting a filter? Idk.

A post shared by Kelsey Lindell (@kelsey_lindell) on Dec 6, 2017 at 4:32pm PST

Funny, outspoken, determined, big-hearted — these are the things I think of when I scroll through Kelsey Lindell’s Instagram or blog, and I don’t even know her personally. Recently, Kelsey shared her battle with a horrible breakup, depression and suicide — all things I think a lot more people deal with, but don’t share. However, Kelsey bared her soul in her blog, and to me, especially with 27k followers watching you, that is even more than admirable. Depression is no joke, and as someone who has dealt with it myself, I felt like she gave me a voice as well. Her pictures and words are inspiring, but if you’re truly struggling with mental health, I suggest you hop over to her blog.

If you or someone you know needs help, visit our suicide prevention resources page.

If you need support right now, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, the Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 or reach the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741741.

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