5 gorgeous mochi recipes

Mochi is a bite-size Japanese treat made of sweet glutinous rice flour wrapped around a sugary filling. Here are 5 mochi recipes that are almost too pretty to eat. 1. Strawberry Ice Cream Mochi. This mochi recipe will have you thinking pink! These pretty pastries are best enjoyed in a cottage. 2. Persimmon Mochi. TikToker Jen Dao (@jenhdao) makes the mochi’s fruity filling using diced-up pieces of fresh persimmon for a colorful bite that packs a punch. 3. Cocoa Powder Mochi. Calling all chocolate lovers! This recipe will have you going cuckoo for cocoa powdered mochi. 4. Frog-Shaped Mochi. This mochi rendition is as adorable as it is tasty. To maintain the recipe’s green color scheme, pocket your mochi balls with mint chocolate chip ice cream. 5. Mochi with Fruit and Red Bean Filling. Fresh fruit is a perfect addition to any dessert, and mochi is no exception