5 epic tea bombs from TikTok that are total eye candy

tea bombs are round spheres, usually made from sugar, that when combined with boiling water, release tea leaves to create a colorful cup of tea. Here are five tea bomb TikToks that’ll blow your mind. This floral tea bomb is like a garden in your cup! The translucent shell fills with loose-leaf tea that “blooms” gradually as you pour in the boiling water. This TikToker used beet sugar to create a golden shell around her green tea leaves. When the bomb is dropped in the water, the golden color seeps throughout the liquid, creating a gold tea that looks far too pretty to drink. This blue tea bomb has a galactic feel to it. When the boiling water is poured, blue and purple flowers disperse from the bomb, creating a vibrant blue tea. Cover this Thai-style tea bomb in condensed milk before dipping it into a cup of boiling water. The dark sphere melts slowly throughout the water, creating a savory blend of sweet milk, black tea and spice. Perfect for a special tea-lover in your life, these heart-shaped bombs are made using sugar, edible glitter, sprinkles and tea bags