5 Dog-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions to Make in 2023

5 Dog-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions to Make in 2023
5 Dog-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions to Make in 2023
dog new year's resolutions
dog new year's resolutions

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For some, a new year means New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s eating healthier, getting organized, or learning a new skill, these aspirations all aim to improve one’s quality of life in some way or another. But what if we all strived to be a little bit more like our dogs?

Here are five dog-inspired New Year’s resolutions to consider in 2023.

Choose to See the Glass Half Full

If there’s one thing dogs have, it’s the ability to be hopeful in the face of tremendous obstacles. From dogs who are rescued from deplorable situations to dogs who live with permanent challenges, our furry friends always choose to see the glass half full. For humans, optimism can be difficult, especially in such a chaotic time in the world. Positivity be hard to find when faced with life’s hurdles. Try to remind yourself of the eagerness with which dogs approach all aspects of their lives.

Be a Loyal Friend

There’s a reason we call dogs “man’s best friend.” The loyalty they give their families is unlike that of any other creature. If you’ve ever had a dog in your life, you’re familiar with the emotional support, protection, and lots and lots of love they give, no questions asked. We can certainly take a page out of our dogs’ books and provide the same support for our friends.

Get Excited for the Little Things

The excitement dogs show at just about any little thing is a huge reason why we love them so much. If you’ve been gone for three minutes or three days, it’s guaranteed that your dog will show the same level of enthusiasm when you walk in the door. Going for a simple walk around the block gets them jumping for joy, and the same meal of kibble is a delectable feast every single time. Our dogs know that there’s a lot to be grateful for, and they don’t want to miss a single minute. When it comes to showing excitement in day-to-day life, humans can borrow some from our furry friends. Get yourself a treat in the middle of a difficult day. Go for a walk and take in the sights and sounds around you. You probably won’t get as excited as your dog, but it can’t hurt.

Show Courage

Dogs show extreme courage in the face of adversity. Some perform death-defying rescues, and some offer their keen sense of smell to identify killer diseases. Whatever duty these tremendous canines perform, their ability to push forward is truly incredible. Although you may not be fighting an entire pack of coyotes anytime soon, you can still borrow some of the courage dogs show when danger comes their way.

Let Your Loved Ones Know You Care for Them

Cuddles, kisses, and zoomies are par for the course for our furry friends. We don’t suggest you show your affection in this way — or maybe you can, we aren’t here to judge. Regardless of how you do it, letting your loved ones know you care for them is perhaps the easiest way to be more like a dog.

Adding just one of these dog-inspired suggestions to your list of New Year’s resolutions may be the thing you need to have a marginally better (or phenomenally better) 2023.

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